Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


11. Concert! part 2


On the way to the stadium, i kept looking at Louis and Harry, they seem very excited and i think Harry might be moving on! So i guess its a win win situation. When we got to the Stadium, there was a lot of fans around us, and right there with those fans was Garriyn and Christy. Louis and Hazza will love them. We signed some autographs and hurried back stage while they let the fans in. " This is it lads the beginning of our tour!" I told them. Everyone looked nervous and excited while we were listening to some of the fans scream. " Its going to be fun watching you guys perform." I heard Alexis say. " You guys are on in 15." The guy told us so we went to our dressing rooms and got changed. When we got out it was about time to get out there. " Good luck! " Alexis said to us right before we went onto the stage.


When the lads went on stage they were jumping around and they looked awesome out there. " HELLO LONDON!!!! " Harry and Zayn shouted into the mic. The first song they performed was "What makes you Beautiful", That got the crowd going. Then they played Little Things, Up All Night, Gotta Be You, Irresistible, Magic, Another World, Moments, Rock me, and She's Not afraid. Those are all my favorite songs i like. Toward the end they were looking at tweets from fans on Twitter, one said " Can you guys do American accents?!?!?!? :D - happiest person in the world - row C seats 21 - 22 " Niall shouted in his American accent. " Where are you?! " Then they found her shortly and they were talking with the accents. Then the next tweet got everyone excited " OMG! Niall could you bring your Girlfriend on stage and kiss her ?!?! Love, Garriyn and Christy. " Jeez.. those two would post something like that. " I don't know if she wants to but let me ask her real quick! Be right back! " Niall told the fans. I was standing there blushing with a small smile on my face. " So you feel ok with doing this? " He asked me. " Sure, why not i said. " " AND SHE SAYS YES! " i heard Louis say when we were starting to walk out on stage. I looked at the crowd, damn there's a lot of Directioners! " This is my BEAUTIFUL Girlfriend, ALEXIS SMITH!! " He yelled into the microphone making the fans scream louder. They started screaming and chanting " Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! " Then we slowly but quickly kissed on stage for a couple of minutes then i ran off stage. " Thats Alexis Smith everybody! " he said while laughing


While those two love birds were kissing i stood next to the other lads and i told them " I know i will regret this but, i think i might start a pranking war! I'm going to pull down Niallers pants in front of everyone. " "He will get you back you know that right Harry? " Liam told me. " Yes i know " i said cheekily. When they were done and after he said " Thats Alexis Smith everybody! " i went up behind him and said " Don't look down Irish boy!" And i pulled his pants down and everyone went crazy! Niall tried to hurry and pull his pants back up then he said into the mic " Your soo going to get it later bakers boy!! " He said while laughing. With that we said goodnight to everyone and we went to change back into our comfortable outfits. " You have some fans waiting for you over there " he said pointing to the left. " OK " we told him and we walked over to them. " Hello ladies. " i said to Christy and Garriyn. " HI! " they said back.


We started to laugh hard whenever Harry pulled Niall's pants down! "I bet Alexis liked the view from back stage! " Christy told me. " I bet! " I replied back. After that we went back stage waiting for the boys and Alexis to come out. Harry made me melt when he said " Hello ladies " we barley we able to respond. Then we saw Alexis and we both asked " So Alexis, did you like what you saw on stage?" That made her and Niall blush a little bit. " Umm.... Is That new shirts you guys are wearing?! They are totally cute! " She said trying to avoid the question. " OK im going to take that as a hell yea! " Christy said making everyone laugh.


After we all calmed down Harry looked at me for a while. It was so cute!! " Garriyn, would you come back here for a minute? " He said to me. " Yea." I said trying to keep calm. We went away from the group and the producers, management ect.

H: Harry sexy Styles G: Cute Garriyn

H: " So Alexis told me you like me, yeah? " G: " Yes i really do! " H: " Well i have a question for you ...." G: " Ok... " H: I'm not trying to rush into anything but..... Would you maybe.... go out with me?" G: " A thousand times yes! " H: " Great! What would you like to do? Go back to our hotel or something?" G: "Sure! "

When we returned Harry said " I'm dating this Sexy beast now!!!" That made me laugh and blush.


While Grant ( Garriyn ) and Harry went off Louis pulled me over to the side. " Do you maybe want to go out with me?, the sexiest of them all? " Louis asked  me flexing. " Sure! " After i said sure he pulled me in and kissed me! " Damn Louis! Your an excellent kisser and your lips, so kissable, and your kiss, unmissable, Your fingertips so touchable..."  Louis finished the sentence for me. " And your eyes... Irresistable.... " We Both we just smiling like idiots there not knowing everyone was stareing at us so i looked to them " Do you guys have a starring problem? Look i know im sexy but come one people!" i said making everyone laugh.


" Ok lets head back to the hotel!" i said and everyone agreed and went to the limo


For my young readers this gets a little graphic( not that much) in this paragraph.

We finally got home. I just wanted Garriyn and i to be alone! I want her so bad... " Harry? You ok? " Garriyn asked me. " Um.. Yea.. lets go in" i said. When we all got in i took Garriyn up to my room. " So what do you want to do? " i asked her. " Um im not sure, i know what i would want to do but... ya. " I looked at her moving my eye brows up and down making her laugh. I got up and walked over to her and we started kissing. Our kiss got rougher and faster. I picked her up and pushed her up against the wall. We then started french kissing. I started kissing her neck and biting her a little bit, making her moan quietly. Then i started putting my hands up her shirt. I took her shirt off and walked over to the bed. She then took my shirt off. When she was about to take off my belt... " What the hell are you guys doing ?! This is my room to!! " Zayn yelled. We then quickly put or shirts back and and sat there blushing of embarrassment. " gosh... NIALL IM SLEEPING IN YOUR ROOMS TONIGHT!!" He yelled to the room across the hall then he left.


After Christy and i heard Zayn yell saying he was sleeping in Niall and my room tonight, im guessing Harry was doing something naughty. We both were laughing. I let Christy Pick out a movie for us to watch. She picked Beauty and The Beast. I always liked that story. When we were halfway through the movie i looked over at Christy and she looked like she was tired. " Are you tired love?" " No not really... Maybe... i just don't want to sleep. " She told me. "Why not? " " I don't want this moment to end..." After she said that, that made me smile. We looked at each other for a minute then we slowly started moving in closer, then we were kissing. When we finished we were out of breath. " I don't want this moment to end either. " I told her quietly trying not to wake Zayn, Niall and Alexis."  Lets get some rest now. " " Ok" she replied. We shared a bed then after she put her head on my chest she fell asleep in a few minutes. She looks even cuter when she is sleeping. I kissed the top of her head and said " Goodnight love. "


sorry it was a long chapter i was felling creative! ill update soon!!


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