Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


2. Can this night get any worse?


i was chasing this girl and when i took the beers from her asking what she was going to do with the beers, im guessing her father came out and yelled " ALEXIS WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY BEERS?!?!" When i guess Alexis tried explaining what happened. her father came to her picked her up by her hair and started beating her in the middle of the street! Now im wishing i would of just left it alone.... After her father was done beating her, she was a bloody mess. After he was done he looked at me and said " you never saw a damn thing! " then walked off leaving her in the middle of the road.


After my dad beat me he left me in the street. The blonde was just sitting there in shock. After Jones went inside with the one can of beer, i looked at him and said " thanks a lot...." he helped you up and said " i am so sorry... Alexis? " he said. then she said " yea its Alexis, Alexis Smith... and you are? " The blonder said " I'm Niall Horan " Niall helped her up and looked at her and gasped. " We need to get you to a doctor... " " We cant now... *looks at watch* come back around 4:00 A.M its midnight. when he is drunk ... i don't want to even talk about it now but i gtg ! c ya around 4 Niall! " Alexis says. after Niall waved goodbye he started to head back at the alcohol shop. well as i entered the house it was quiet, too quiet. i looked around and i didn't see Jones anywhere.... so i tiptoed up the stairs and quickly went into my room. After i shut my bedroom door i turned around and my dad was sitting on my bed. Jones said " you didn't think you would get away with that, did ya? " " n-n-noo i tired to get you all the beers but i ran out of time! i swear ill get you more tomorrow!! " alexis said. jones then got up and looked at her and said " look your going to pay either way so get on the bed " "but da- " " I SAID GET ON THE BED! " so alexis walked over to the bed and sat down.... Thats when her father took off his belt and started beating her for an hour then he left.


I promised Alexis i would be back around 4 in the morning i had to tell the lads what was up. As soon as i walked back i told them everything that happened and that we have to hang around here until 4. They agreed and we went to a hotel and got a room. Harry said " so around 4 in the morning right? " Niall: yes hazza, we have to im not going to leave her with her abusive father. "                                                                                   * 4 HOURS LATER *


It was almost 4 and my father went to bed. i looked out my window and saw their tour bus waiting there. I opened the window and started to crawl out. I silently  shut the window and got on the ground. Niall and the rest of his band were waiting outside the tour bus. As soon as i got there they all gasped and asked if i was alright. " no im not, if we are going to leave we have to go now! " i told them. So they let me on the tour bus, told their driver, and we headed to the hospital


Well its getting exciting ish isnt it :O will she have to go back to her father or not? you will find out in the next chapter!



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