Best Day Ever

Hi my name is Alexis Smith and i am 16 years old. Every day i get abused by my father, my mum died 4 years ago. Just when i thought things were to get worse i ran into a blonde guy and he changed my life forever.....


1. Here it goes again....

Hey my name is Alexis Smith, im 16 and im living with my father, Jones Smith. Lets just say since my mother died from a car wreck, my life has been a living hell. i was 13 when she passed. After she died, my father took me out of school and basically made me his slave. He beats me every time i do something he doesn't like. For example the other day he asked me to mow the lawn, if i missed a spot he'd take me inside and slap me and told me to do it again. Well that's the update on the last 4 years of my life.


               " ALEXIS, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?" Jones yells from the living room. " Im doing the dishes like you aske- " " DONT U BACK TALK TO ME YOUNG LADY! IF I ASK WHERE THE FUCK YOU ARE YOU COME TO ME GOT IT?!?! " - ugh here we go again... - Alexis thought to herself - " yes dad im sorry it wont happen again..." says Alexis. " Well just for that im making you run to the alcohol store and get me some beers" " but i dont have any mon-" " GET IT NOW IDC WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO JUST GO AND GET ME SOME BEER!!! " yelled Jones. " ok ill be back dad " im glad to be out of that house. - alexis thought to herself - well on her way she found the alcohol store and saw a tour bus outside. The name on the bus said " ONE DIRECTION " in bold letters. She knew kinda of whom they were but her dad never let her listen to music other then rock, since thats what her dad likes. she walked in and saw 5 boys looking for drinks. " Well im guessing they are One Direction " she mumbles to herself. As she walks back to grab a 4 pack of beer, she looks around to make sure no one was watching her stuff the drinks in her jacket pocket.



While the lads and i were deciding on what drinks we wanted for the long ride to London, i saw this cute  girl walk in. She shouldn't be getting alcohol drinks.... i ignore it as the lads and i finally pick out some beers. As i was in line with the lads, out of the corner of my eyes i saw her putting cans of beer in her hoodie! I was shocked to see her doing that, she doesnt look like the type of girl to be stealing. My plan was when she was about to walk out the store was to chase her and get those drinks from her.


While i was putting the cans of beer in my hoodie i saw the blonde boy looking at me. " oh shit hes going to say something and im going to get beaten for not getting the drinks " she thought to herself. As she quickly put the four beers into her hoodie and was about to leave the store, the blonde guy yelled " Where are you going with those beers!? " as soon as he yelled that i took off running. i was almost there and i heard his foot steps behind me getting louder and louder. i was almost in front of my house when... BAM! the bolnde guy landed on top of me. he flipped me over and took the beers from my jacket. He said " What were you thinking?! what were you gong yo do with these be- " " ALEXIS WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY BEERS?!?! " he yelled from the porch. * oh great now im really in for it this time * she thought to herself. so you yell saying " ive got one ... thats all i cou- " u try saying. then he comes up to you, picks you up and starts beating you in the middle of the street.

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