Boy Next Door

What happens when Melanie moves away from England all the way to Canada. And moves next to the most vain and flirtatious boy she could have ever met. Justin Bieber. But what happenes when Justin finally starts to get feelings for the girl next door? And she wants nothing todo with him.

P.S Justin is not famous in this story. :)


4. The Neighbours

Melanie's POV

The same day we got to the house I tied to unpack as may things as I could because I knew tomorrow would be a busy day. I managed to get most of my clothes unpacked and a few other things but it didn't look like I was getting anything done. I gave up and lay down on the bed. Until I heard the door bell ring. "MELANIE CAN YOU GET THAT AND SEE WHO IT IS PLEASEEEE." Shouted my parents as they were busy unpacking their own stuff. I lazily got up and made my way to the door and opened it.

"Hi can I help you?" I said in my very easily noticeable British accent. "Um hi yeah so we live next door and we were wondering if you guys wanted to come over for dinner tonight?" He asked as if he really did to want to be here. But as soon as he saw me a cheeky smile appeared on his face. Not gonna lie he was kinda hot. He had strong muscular arms and a really fit body. He also had the most amazing hazelnut brown eyes that had a little sparkle in them. I must've been staring cause he gave out a little awkward cough. "Oh yeah sorry I'll go tell my parents what time should we be there?" "Around 8," he said with a smile. "Oh and I'm Justin, Justin Bieber. What's your name beautiful?" What? Did he just call me beautiful? "Urm I'm Melanie." I said while my cheeks were turning bright pink remembering what he had just said. "Okay so I'll see you tonight?" He said with a little smile. I stood by the door and waited for him to leave the driveway. I closed the door and made my way to my parents. 

"Who was that?" Asked my mum. "It was the next door neighbour, they invited us for dinner tonight." "Oh great, that means I don't have to cook tonight! Haha just joking go and get ready." And with that I made my way up to my bedroom to get ready.

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