Boy Next Door

What happens when Melanie moves away from England all the way to Canada. And moves next to the most vain and flirtatious boy she could have ever met. Justin Bieber. But what happenes when Justin finally starts to get feelings for the girl next door? And she wants nothing todo with him.

P.S Justin is not famous in this story. :)


1. Moving Away

Melanie's POV

I stood in the empty room that I now call "my old room". I was so sad leaving England, leaving all my friends behind. But then again I can't complain, I've see the house we're gonna live in and it's pretty damn big. But it still doesn't change anything, all my past and memories will be gone because now my dad got a promotion and we're moving all the way to Canada. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited, cause trust me I am, but I don't know anyone there. What if no on likes me? What are the people like? My tears began to roll down my cheek. "Melanie are you ready?!" Called my mum from downstairs. I quickly wiped away the tears and took one last look at my old room. "I'm gonna miss you" I whispered quietly and with that I made my way downstairs. 


"Shall we go now?" Asked my mum. "Yeah I'm ready lets go." And gave her a reassuring smile. "I know you're gonna miss this place, but don't worry we can come visit during the holidays. I promise." She gave a a hug and then walked towards the door. "C'mon your dads waiting for us in the car!" Yelled my mum from the front door. This is it I'm really leaving. I took my iPod and earphones and made my way towards the front door. "Good bye I'm gonna miss you." I said as I took one more look back at the house. I sat in the backseat of the car and listened to my music in peace as we made our way to Heathrow Airport.


A/N Hi guys this is my first story hope you enjoyed so far. :)

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