Boy Next Door

What happens when Melanie moves away from England all the way to Canada. And moves next to the most vain and flirtatious boy she could have ever met. Justin Bieber. But what happenes when Justin finally starts to get feelings for the girl next door? And she wants nothing todo with him.

P.S Justin is not famous in this story. :)


3. Introduction.... A bit too late woops ;)

Melanie's POV

Hi, I know I'm a bit late, but anyway here I go. 

Hi I'm Melanie and I live, or should I say used to live in East London. Originally my whole family is from Colombia, so yeah I'm Colombian and before you ask yes I can speak Spanish. 


I have super curly frizzy which can be a pain sometimes but I always find a way to style it. I wouldn't say I'm skinny but I'm definitely not fat, lets just say I got curves in all the right places not trying to sound too vain. I have what I call "boring brown eyes" nothing special. I am 18 just about to turn 19 in a few weeks. I have just finished my last year of school, and now thinking of going to College. 

My family are really special to me, first of all there's my dad. He is so funny and then there's my mum who is supportive in so many ways but I have to admit she can be a bit silly, oh well. And then we have both my older brothers, Jake and John. Jake is 21 and John is 25. Really they should be living in their own house by now but they can't afford it since they both go to university. We had to leave them behind to finish their studies but in a few months they'll come here to live with us in Canada. 

There are three main reasons that we left London. First the obvious, my dad got a new job. Second where we live was WAY too dangerous and we were just sick and tired of the police coming round the neighbourhood asking everyone "Have you see these guys?" Or "Did you see what happened?" The third point sort of is on the same topic as the second reason. Stupid little curious me went along and fell in love with someone from a gang. I know it doesn't sound like me but he really made me feel special and make me believe that he really did love me. But it's was all just a game. When I found out I was heartbroken. I slowly became depressed but luckily my family where there to help me. From that day on wards I made a promise to myself to never fall in love. I know it sounds stupid but so far I've kept it. 

So I guess that's me and my life so far, now to see what the future holds.


A/N: Hey guys hope you enjoyed that chapter, might not be able to update tomorrow cause its my birthday.  

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