Boy Next Door

What happens when Melanie moves away from England all the way to Canada. And moves next to the most vain and flirtatious boy she could have ever met. Justin Bieber. But what happenes when Justin finally starts to get feelings for the girl next door? And she wants nothing todo with him.

P.S Justin is not famous in this story. :)


2. Home Sweet Home

Melanie's POV

After the longest journey of my life we finally reached Canada. It was so beautiful and amazing. All the people I walked past would either smile or say hello. It was great. We drove down this beautiful street, it seemed like a friendly neighbourhood. Nothing compared to where I used to live in East London, everywhere you turned there was a gang right round the corner. So I guess that's also one of the reasons we moved down here. 

We pulled up to this HUGE house, it was amazing, it was three floors high and had a beautiful and big back garden. I just stared at it in awe as we began to get out the car. I quickly ran to the door and waited impatiently for my dad to come and open the door with the new house keys. As soon as the door I burst in. It was amazing, It was everything I could have ever imagined. "Where my room?" I quickly asked starting to jump around like a 5 year old. "Upstairs on the right." Said my dad. I ran up the stairs and there it was, FINALLY my own room. Back in London we lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment, which meant I got stuck sharing a room with both of my older brothers, Jake and John. What I hated most was they were both older than me which meant they practically controlled what happened in their room. GREAT. 

I stood by the door, everything was perfect, the rooms where painted a beautiful turquoise colour. The bed was up with its back against the window, there was a wardrobe and an on suite bathroom. My dream. All it needed was the rest of my stuff and it was complete. The living room was gigantic and the kitchen was probably my mums dream come it was all amazing. 

I could get used to living here. 







A/N: Hey, hope you enjoyed that chapter. I'm so dumb I forgot to introduce the character so next chapter is when you'll get to know about them. Thanks for reading and remember to like & favourite. ;)


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