Boy Next Door

What happens when Melanie moves away from England all the way to Canada. And moves next to the most vain and flirtatious boy she could have ever met. Justin Bieber. But what happenes when Justin finally starts to get feelings for the girl next door? And she wants nothing todo with him.

P.S Justin is not famous in this story. :)


5. Dinner, Flirting & Teasing

Melanie's POV

It was 6:30 and decided it was time to get ready. I went into my bathroom and go into the shower. I couldn't help but think about Justin, there was something about him that me curious and want to know more about him. But I remembered what I went through last time I got "curious" and decided it was best I just kept my distance. After I got out of the shower I wrapped my hair and body I a towel. I made my way to the bedroom, decided to close the curtains because I didn't want no perverts looking at me. As I was closing the curtain I was someone from the other house next to me looking at me, I took a closer look and saw it was Justin. Oh my gosh, how long has he been looking at me? I looked at him one more time in horror and he just smiled and licked his lips. Damn he was so hot I just wanted him here holding me. Ugh what am I thinking I don't even know him. I quickly closed the curtain and dived into my bed in horror. Why was he staring at me? I decided to push that behind me and carry on getting ready. I picked out a vest top with a black leather skater girl skirt and some white converses. I looked casual I wanted to make a good impression but I didn't want to make myself seem trashy. I straightened my side fringe and left the rest of my hair curly. I looked pretty damn good not gonna lie. I added some mascara and a cat eye look with my eyeliner. Then just in time my mum called me to say we were about to leave. 

We arrived at their house and it looked pretty nice and neat. My mum knocked on the door and a young woman came and opened it. "Hi! So glad to have you guys around in the neighbourhood. I'm Pattie and you?" One by one my mum, dad and me introduced ourselves.  "Come on in." She said with a smile. She seemed like a nice person and seemed like someone bwho didn't have a bad bone in her body. We walked in their house and it was amazing. It was all tidy and looked so big. We made our way to the dinning room and sat down. My mum, dad and Pattie all sat down one side, while I sat down on my own, I'm guessing Just would be sitting next to me. I looked around to see where he was and Pattie must've noticed. "My son Justin will be down in a minute so you won't be too bored." She said with a small giggle. "Umm do you mind if I go to the toilet quickly? "Sure it's upstairs on the right." "Thanks." I quickly got up and went up the stairs. 

When I got their I noticed there were about 3 doors to the right so I did t know which one was the toilet. Great. I went into the first one but that was just a closet then I made my way to the jsecond door. As I leant over to grab the handle the door opened. I looked and it was Justin smiling at me. "Oh sorry didn't know this was your room. Do you mind telling me where the btoilet is?" I asked without making eye contact with him. "Yeah sure," he put his hand on my back and I instantly froze, but he was just showing me to the bathroom. "Thanks" I muttered as he began walking away. I checked my hair & makeup to check it was okay and then applied a bit of lip gloss. Then I made my way downstairs.  

I had heard everyone laughing but just ignored them and took my seat next to Justin. He looked at me and smiled. I looked away and ignored it. "Okay so I'll go get the food." "I'll go with you to help." Said my mum as she was getting up. "Just excuse me a second I'm going to the bathroom. Great I was going to be alone with Justin. "So you not round here?" "No shit Sherlock how did you guess?" I asked sarcastically. "Oh attitude I like it, I also like girls with curly hair and the name Melanie." He looked and me and let out a chuckle. 

5 minutes after the food came Justin started moving closer and closer to me. I looked at him in confusion and he just winked his eye. What was he doing? Then he put his hand on my bare leg. I froze instantly and dropped my knife and fork on my plate. "Are you okay honey?" Asked my mum. Justin began rubbing my leg, "I'm fine." I said reassuring her. Justin's hand started moving further and further up my leg until her reached the brim of my skirt. That's when I switched and grabbed his hand and took it off my leg.


A/N: Hey guys, hope you enjoyed that I'll be making a part 2 to this chapter so don't think it's over. Anyway I just wanted to say that today was the best day of my life since it was my birthday and I have the most amazing friends. Anyway remember to like, favourite & comment. :) ♥

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