Alice lives an ordinary life. Well as ordinary as it can get when your brother is famous. Join Alice on an adventure where she experiences caring, rewards, punishments, regret, love, hate, secrets, suffering, pain, excitements, and of course.... DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. suprise

Alice's P.O.V

My brother harry is on tour right now and lately I have been really depressed because I am turning 18 in a week but Harry isn't going to be here for my birthday. My mom feels super upset to but she's upset because I am upset. My friends took me shopping but it didn't help and it made me feel even more upset. I parked my car in the driveway and I opened the door when I was surprised with my brother in the kitchen. I ran to him and gave him a huge hug. "Harry! I missed you so much." I said. "I missed you to." He said. "So I came to visit the boys are also here" u was extremely happy. I love Harry and the rest of the boys are Luke brothers to me. They are so caring and funny. And they could always cheer me up.I walked in to my room and I saw the most disturbing thing ever!!!!

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