Alice lives an ordinary life. Well as ordinary as it can get when your brother is famous. Join Alice on an adventure where she experiences caring, rewards, punishments, regret, love, hate, secrets, suffering, pain, excitements, and of course.... DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. My Life

Hi. My name is Alice and I am 18 years old. I have brown hair and green eyes. My brother is Harry styles. Yes harry styles the one and only. The babe magnet. The one direction star. yes, that one. You think its easy and fun being his sister? Well its not. People who are the fans and go to my school really used to use me. They would pretend to be my friend so they can get to harry. My mum found out so now I am home schooled. But there are some people I can trust. Like my BFFL (best friend for life) Ellen I call her el. She has been my best friend since 2nd grade. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She's Also 18. She is a fan of one direction but since we both already met them we are friends so she's not a psycho I fan chic. My other best friends Lila and Ally are twins. They are identical but since I knew them for a long time I can tell them apart. Lila has brown hair and blues eyes. Ally has brown hair but a little of light brown highlights in her hair and she has blue eyes. Lila is taller by an inch maybe. And they both have different personalities. Lila is a party girl but she sometimes thinks she's the queen but when she's none of those she is great at giving advice. Ally is a comedian. She is carefree and she is super childish. But she is really friendly. Ally and Lila also met the lads so they don't freak out. Anyways harry is on tour and I really miss him. He is like never home anymore and it makes me really upset. I want him to be here. To help me with break ups, and bullies and to love and care for me. Now he barely even talks to me. Instead of calling him I just tell my friends and my mum about this. My friends like to help me by taking me for ice cream, ice skating, bowling, or roller blading. Mum tries to call harry but he never answers and she goes shopping with me. But it never helps. I just want him home. 

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