Alice lives an ordinary life. Well as ordinary as it can get when your brother is famous. Join Alice on an adventure where she experiences caring, rewards, punishments, regret, love, hate, secrets, suffering, pain, excitements, and of course.... DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. gross

Alice's P.O.V

I walked into my room and saw the most disturbing thing ever! Louis was shirtless in my bra. Liam was wearing heels. Zayn was wearing my necklaces and bracelets and niall was wearing makeup! "What are you doing?" I ask totally calm. "Oh we are making sure that your things are safe" zayn said. "And wearing my bra is how you make sure I am safe?!?" I ask. "Sorry" they all say. "Its great to see you again" I say and ran to hug them. "But can you take off my clothes" I asked. Louis snickered. "No

 I did not mean it like that! I meant you shouldn't wear my clothes!" I yelled. "Okay" Louis said. Then they took off the stuff that they were wearing that is mine and they went to their rooms. Then I realized harry had my phone. I went to his room and knocked. No answer. Knocked again. No answer. I opened the door. And.. Well remember when I said my room was disturbing make that second disturbing. This was the most disturbing thing ever!

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