Demon in the dark

You often hear stories about good and evil. It's always the same plot, light defeats dark, and it's not unusual to hear things from the evil point of view. But what if the scales are tipped. What if evil are gaining in power, getting stronger, ready to take the world for themselves. One life at a time.


1. Prologue

Double doors flew open with a huge crash, instantly all heads turned in my direction as I strode through the corridor. But I was used to this. The familiar scent of too much perfume and school dinners filled my nostrils. Oh yes, this was definitely a high school. I felt hundreds of pairs of eyes focusing on me, taking in my appearance, along with my companion. We look like twins although he is 200 years older than me, whilst I’m only just hatched at 50. I’m quite young I guess, for a demon.

Perfectly formed, completely flawless, we are the most beautiful creatures you could see. But get too close...
We’re made to draw people in; it makes it easier for us to kill. We appear slightly different to everyone who meets us, changing slightly to fit their desires. We’re not shape shifters, we’re much more dangerous. In our world, you’re either a hunter or you’re hunted.

I could see shock registering on people’s faces whilst they observed our exterior. Pale skinned, high cheekbones, a shock of black hair... bright red eyes. My brother grinned at me, an evil sadistic smile, his brilliant white teeth glinting. This wasn't my first time in a high school, and it wouldn’t be my last. He swept his shades off of his face in one clean movement, his eyes met mine. Green orbs glowing with malice and hatred. A single thought entered my mind, time to kill.

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