Demon in the dark

You often hear stories about good and evil. It's always the same plot, light defeats dark, and it's not unusual to hear things from the evil point of view. But what if the scales are tipped. What if evil are gaining in power, getting stronger, ready to take the world for themselves. One life at a time.


6. Mortem Potestatem

*50 years previous*

It seemed like hours before my brothers returned, carrying a small human each, slung over their shoulders. Amashtu had constantly questioned me, asking about my hunting instincts, which animal I felt the most related to, which colour I associated with which emotion... Endless questions, each answer caused her to narrow her eyes and pace just a little faster. She finally halted when the humans were dumped at her feet.

"So?" Lyke asked. "Have you figured him out?"

"No..." Amashtu answered carefully. "His hunting techniques vary, he associates with felines and his emotions are sharp and on point, he has extreme control, especially for a newborn. See the way he hasn't even tried to attack the humans yet, despite the fact that they lie unconscious on the floor in front of him"

I didn't feel in control, it took all my strength not to tear the humans limb from limb. A low growl escaped my lips and I shuddered with the effort of staying in control.

"Is he one of the Mortem Potestatem?" This time it was Drax that spoke, breaking my concentration for a second, but my eyes soon returned to the humans in front of me.

"Possibly..." Amashtu answered carefully. "He has a blood connection to the originals but the power hasn't been seen in our line for generations..."

I glanced up quickly distracted momentarily by their discussion but hunger quickly overcame my curiosity.

I cleared my throat nervously, "excuse me but I'm hungry... Can I...?" I gestured towards the humans.

"Oh of course! You must be starving!"

I sank into a crouch and ran my tongue along my canine teeth which were growing and sharpening to resemble that of a cats...

*present day*

"The seven sins!" The words exploded from my mouth before I could stop them. "But that's highly dangerous, not to mention the high amount of power needed to activate them! We would be drawing the attention of the whole White Magic community!"

"Ah but that's where you come in..." Lyke replied smoothly. "The natural excess of power that is bestowed upon the Mortem Potestatem, gives you control over the sins without drawing unnecessary attention to yourselves."

The Mortem Potestatem is the name bestowed upon a group of demons with powers beyond the extraordinary. The originals were killed or imprisoned by enchanters millennia ago and only a select few demons are descended from them and retain their powers. Somehow I received the power of the originals when no one in my bloodline has for centuries, as if I didn't have enough to worry about, being in line for the throne.

"Zaetal...?" Drax snapped me out of thoughts.

"Sorry," I gave them a sheepish grin. "I was just thinkin-"

"About how you're so much more powerful than the rest of us," Drax teased, "I should be envious that my little brother could wipe out a city of humans if he tapped into his powers, but damn it's just too good of an image." He licked his lips and even Lyke was struggling not to laugh. Even though Lyke and Drax were ahead of me in line to be the Great Father, I held the power of the ancients in my blood, something that could not be taken lightly. Because of this I was central to any plans we made to advance in the human world, but the seven sins... That was risky.

Lyke glanced up and seemed to sense my nervousness, with a wave of his hand he turned off the monitors. "We do not need to discuss this now, but tomorrow you will be assimilated into the human world, we need to breed."

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully, Lyke took Blayze hunting and although Azael was hungry no one wanted to be around the lovebirds at this stage of their relationship. Although demonic inbreeding was forbidden, relationships bloomed the same as they would in a human society. Some think this is due to the fact that we breed with humans and although our demon blood is undiluted we may receive features from our human parents, a disgusting but necessary part of survival, especially as our numbers had reached an all time low.

At one time thousands of demons roamed our underground caves stretching all over the world, but after the witch trials ended the enchanters could focus solely on wiping us out, since then our number have vanished from across the world. We are concentrated here in England for the time being, due to the concentration of natural power but we will have our revenge on all of humankind for putting us here.

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