Demon in the dark

You often hear stories about good and evil. It's always the same plot, light defeats dark, and it's not unusual to hear things from the evil point of view. But what if the scales are tipped. What if evil are gaining in power, getting stronger, ready to take the world for themselves. One life at a time.


5. Lowly Half Beings!

*50 Years Previous*

Amashtu stalked around me slowly and then halted in front of me. “Black hair... pale skin... flame red eyes... and, the mark...”  She picked up my left hand, and turned it over. There on my palm, a single leaf, tattooed onto me forever, in glowing indigo ink...  “Third in line to be the source of all evil...” She laughed softly. “But to which house do you belong...”

“Lyke, Drax, why don’t you fetch your brother a snack...”


Lyke dumped David’s body on the floor and motioned to Blayze. “Take this to Uric, he is waiting in sector 52, and be quick will you, the hatchling is already 2 hours old.” She nodded respectfully and reached towards the body. David stirred, one eye opening slowly. “You!” He jumped up, backing away against a rock wall, not a smart move. “Me?” Blayze blinked childishly, feigning innocence. Her red eyes flashed, and Greenhow flinched away from her, his hand reaching into his pocket, desperately searching. “Looking for this,” I twirled a small bottle between my finger, the blue liquid swishing about inside. He glared at me but took a deep breath, “Ah ah ah...” Blayze mocked; with a quick twist of her wrist she silenced him. “No spell casting for you,” she snarled. She advanced slowly, lowering into a feline crouch, her eyes narrowed; her pupils became slits – “Blayze!” Lyke’s sharp tone broke her hunting trance. She straightened quickly, her eyes already looking innocent and childish again. “Sorry Lyke...” In one seamless movement, David was over her shoulder and she skipped out. Lyke laughed softly at her giddiness, before turning back to us. “We have a new mission... a very important one... the warlocks-” Lyke was interrupted by a low hiss from Drax “Sorry...”
“As I was saying... the warlocks are working above ground, trying to gain a foothold in the human world... to push us out of the picture...” This time an involuntary hiss escaped my lips. How dare they! We are the rulers of the underworld! Lowly half-beings!
“We have orders from The Mother to use The Seven Sins...”

A/N : Sorry I haven't updated in ages and that this is a very short chapter, I will make the next one longer  I promise, and I'll try and update regularly now :)

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