Demon in the dark

You often hear stories about good and evil. It's always the same plot, light defeats dark, and it's not unusual to hear things from the evil point of view. But what if the scales are tipped. What if evil are gaining in power, getting stronger, ready to take the world for themselves. One life at a time.


4. House of Power

*50 Years Previous*

“Here,” Amashtu conjured a mirror in front of me. I slowly observed myself, pale skin, high cheek bones. Shocks of black hair, made my blood red eyes stand out. A sharp crack behind me made everyone in the cave jump as it echoed around. A short, slim girl broke out of her shell, rolling onto the ground in floppy heap. Bright flame red hair tickled her shoulder blades, an uncontrollable fringe blocking her right eye. Amashtu gave her a small glance and then clicked her fingers. “Azael, come here. Take this hatchling to see Brande; she’s obviously a child of Nusku. You can tell by her hair and eyes. Flame red, the lot” She turned back to me as a woman rushed forward, wrapped the girl in a cloak and hurried her off. “Oh and report back to me later!” She finished. “Now...” She said with a glint in her eye. “Let us see which house of power you belong to...”


We stalked closer to the shop, blending perfectly to our dark surroundings. Drax shifted through the door, making his body dissolve temporarily, unfortunately I don’t have that skill. I quickly launched myself into the air, catching the window sill above my head. I smashed the window with my other hand and swung my legs through, landing neatly on a blue rug. I looked disgustedly around at his potions and spells; this was obviously his casting room.

I crept out of the room, stepping lightly so as to make no sound. I could hear Drax downstairs, taunting David.  I leapt down the stairs, landing in a cat like crouch. In a single bound I soared over to them, landing in a standing position on the counter. Greenhow looked at me fearfully, when he noticed my eyes, the exact shade of my sisters, his face became a mask of confusion and resentment. “Where is she?” He hissed furiously, glancing around nervously for a hint of flame red hair. I lowered my body into a hunting crouch, poised to attack. My head tilted to the side slightly, breathing in deeply, I scented the air for the trace of another human. There wasn’t one. I grinned at him; this was going to be easy. Greenhow started to back away cautiously, reaching behind him for a potion to throw at me.

Before he could, Drax used his lightening speed to quickly rush up behind him, grasping him by the neck until he slipped into unconsciousness. We quickly nodded at each other and got to work. He went upstairs, destroying all potions and spells in the casting room and packing up his things. I set to work in the shop area, sweeping all items into a bag that we would later burn. With a quick glance around to make sure I hadn’t missed anything, I grabbed the money from the till, and shoved it into my pocket. Drax hurried down the stairs. “Is that everything Zaetal?” He asked distractedly, picking up David and slinging him over his shoulder. I confirmed that it was and gather up the bags. With one final sweeping glance, we transported back down under.


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