Demon in the dark

You often hear stories about good and evil. It's always the same plot, light defeats dark, and it's not unusual to hear things from the evil point of view. But what if the scales are tipped. What if evil are gaining in power, getting stronger, ready to take the world for themselves. One life at a time.


3. Assignment

*50 years previous*


I was sacred, my mother had had 40 eggs, but our cave had been raided by pixies. Now pixies aren’t like the ones you read about in stupid human fairytales, no. They are evil creatures, only living for themselves. They may be neutral, neither good nor evil, but they are a great hindrance to both sides. The pixies like to eat our eggs when they are still young, only the size of a hamster. Demon eggs grow as the demon grows you see. But the pixies stormed the hideout, about 50 of them, enough to overpower Amashtu, and hold off Drax and Lyke whilst they escaped. No one knows how they missed me and my sister tucked away in a corner, but it’s a good thing they did.

The Great Father was building an army, he wanted to overpower a small part of earth, but he needed demons. Since then The Great Father has been replaced, he was killed by enchanters, or as humans know them; witches. We now answer To the Great Mother. They are the source of all evil; they carry the powers of all of us. When one of us is killed, they feel it; they know every single demon alive, by name. It is a position of great power but it is very dangerous. Your name is on every hit list in the hands of the light powers. You have to manage the whole network of caves, containing over 150 demons. 


*End Flashback*


We were greeted by Lyke and my sister. “What is it Lyke?” Drax asked politely, well he was our sector leader. I folded my sister into a quick hug, “You okay Blayze?” She nodded quickly, her thick curtain of auburn hair creating a protective layer around her. She flashed a quick smile, her innocent looking face showing a glint of pure evil for a split second. “Who’s the target this time?” I said, looking directly at Lyke. He directed us over to the computer and screens setup. Just because we live in a cave doesn’t mean we aren’t high tech. With a quick wave of his hand, all the monitors lit up, and a 3D hologram appeared over the large metal table. “The target,” Lyke murmured thoughtfully, pointing at a screen. “Is David Greenhow, he’s a male Enchanter. His mother was killed by a demon, and he has made it his mission in life to find and kill them.” He finished, with a pointed look at Blayze. She giggled darkly, peering mischievously out from behind her curls. “To be fair she was a target...” She countered. Lyke swept his blonde hair out of his eyes irritably.
“No she wasn’t her sister was, and you got carried away,” He laughed. Blayze muttered an apology, smiling cheekily.  “Yes, well.” He continued. “Now your brothers have to clean up your mess.”

He strolled over to the hologram which depicted a small high street, lined with old corner shops which had obviously been there for years. David’s shop was glowing a pale shade of red, showing us that that was the target. “What do you want us to do?” Drax asked, getting straight to the point.
“Don’t kill him, bring him back here, we need more souls to feed the eggs. But you know the drill, make it look like he left town.” With a sharp nod, Drax and I disappeared, reappearing on a deserted high street. A pale moon hung low in the sky, illuminating our surroundings. Few lights shone from shop windows, but at 11 at night barely anything was open. Drax strode purposefully towards a building with a tacky luminous sign proclaiming "New Moon ‘craft supplies" he obviously belonged to the Children of the Moon coven. “Let’s go.”

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