Miss. Cowell

Poor Jade, she grew up with no mother and a father always beeing busy with something stupid. When you grew up living with all the bands your father brought home so you could write them some awsome music. well you probably wonder who your father is right now dont you? Well beeing Simon Cowells daughter is not always roses. Writing music for the most irritating boyband in the world is hard dont you think??? <3<3


8. Waking Zayn

Jades P.O.V


I did not know if the boys came home last night so I decided to check their rooms.

First: Liam. Liam slept like an angel with his face facing the left wall. With his cover dragged up perfectly to his chest. Second: Louis.  He was a little wierd while he was sleeping, he slept on top of the cover and the pillows was in the other end of the bed.  Third: Harry. He slept with his face down in the matress and the covers over his head. I closed his door facing Niall. We both jumped different directions. " Wow Jade you scared the living daylight out of me!" " Same to you " I said catchign my breath. " Jade, I wondered if you could help me with waking Zayn?" " Of course I can" Zayn lied drooling on the leather couch. I sat down on my knees in front of him. I poked hime carefully on his shoulder. " What?!" He said in his cute little Bradford accent. " It's time to get up" I looked over at Niall who had this wierd lok on his face. " I'll get up if you give me a hug" " okay then." I gave Zayn a hug and pulled him up of the couch. He gave me a smile and walked over to the kitchen. Niall still had that wierd look on his face. " You did that?" " So hard to belive is it?" " We can never wake Zayn and you just walk right in and wake him up at once!!!"  I couldent help but to laugh. I  walked over to the kitchen after Zayn who sat eating a bowl of cereals. I just took a cup of water and smiled at him.

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