Miss. Cowell

Poor Jade, she grew up with no mother and a father always beeing busy with something stupid. When you grew up living with all the bands your father brought home so you could write them some awsome music. well you probably wonder who your father is right now dont you? Well beeing Simon Cowells daughter is not always roses. Writing music for the most irritating boyband in the world is hard dont you think??? <3<3


10. The NBA's

Jade P.O.V


I looked over at the clock and realized it was 6:26 four minutes to my basket ball game. " Niall!!!" " Wow, relax" " You have to drive me somewhere!!" " okay then." Niall stayed under the game. It was London vs. Glasgow. In the brake we had 20 minutes. I asked if I could take a shower but I couldent. Bummer!! I wanted to buy some more water. The lobby was stuffed with paps. I rushed back to the wardrobe. When the game started I saw Nialler on the third row, with a foamfinger and a London cap.



 When the match was over  I really needed a shower. When I came out t was already 9:30 ( long game not shower) Niall sat waiting in the lobby with his foam finger on his hand and the cap on his head. He looked kinda cute that way! I smirked. " You didn't have to stay" " but what if I wanted to. By the way tou were great!!" " Thank you!" I said sarcastically. " Want something to eat? You must be hungry after that really long game!"  I dumped down on the chair next to him. I rested my head on his shoulder. " I'm sooooo tired" " Then let's go grab a bite!" " Something is telling me that mr. Niall Horan is hungry" " Like always!" " Fine, if you absolutely need to!" " I do"

Niall drove a place I didn't know. " You're trying to kill me aren't you?" " Man, busted!" We both bursted in to laughter. We ate at pizza at the pizzahut. I looked over at the clock and it was 10:30. " Niall…" I showed him the time and his eyes widened. " Oh god, we have to leave!" " Niall, that's blasphemy!" " Uhm…" "God, you're using his name wrong!" Niall looked at me with his eyebrows raised. " Just kidding, I dont belive in god." oh…" We decided to leave after five minutes.Today was just awesome!!!

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