Miss. Cowell

Poor Jade, she grew up with no mother and a father always beeing busy with something stupid. When you grew up living with all the bands your father brought home so you could write them some awsome music. well you probably wonder who your father is right now dont you? Well beeing Simon Cowells daughter is not always roses. Writing music for the most irritating boyband in the world is hard dont you think??? <3<3


15. New picture.

( Just as you guys know it chapter ten is not the day after the party. Is been like two weeks.)


Niall P.O.V


I pulled away. " sorry Niall" She said. " It dosent matter. I only want to say 'one thing': kiss me i'm Irish." I said wanting to sound cooler then it did. We kissed for a long while. She smirked. soemone knocked on the door. We immediately pulled away from eachother. Simon came in. Her cheeks lost the colour and her smile faded away. " I will leave." I said.



Jade P.O.V


Niall left the room and I was alone with a bastard. " What the hell are you doing here?!" " I want to talk about you 'love life'" "none of your business!" " You told me you wanted to date on of them  and I said no." " I rembember!" " want to know why?" I nodded. " Cause love is a distraction and you have a deadline!" " Just as you know it 'dad' I already written the stupid album!! so I could spend more time with my friends and the boys and stuff like that!" I said throwing my notebook at him in tears. I ran out of my room and out the front door. I climbed up a tree and sat there for twenty minutes. I leand my head against the trunk of the tree. Liam came climbing after me. " Jade, how did you get up here?" I smirked. Liam sat right next to me. I broke down in tears. " relax, relax."  " My dad is a douchebag!" " why is that?" " He is, he jugded you wrong in 2008 and 2010!" Liam smiled. "Do you want me to get Niall??" I shook my head.

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