Miss. Cowell

Poor Jade, she grew up with no mother and a father always beeing busy with something stupid. When you grew up living with all the bands your father brought home so you could write them some awsome music. well you probably wonder who your father is right now dont you? Well beeing Simon Cowells daughter is not always roses. Writing music for the most irritating boyband in the world is hard dont you think??? <3<3


6. "Live while we're young"

Harry's P.O.V


I wanted to invite Jade out clubbing with me and the boys. I walked toward her room and knocked carefully on the door. She stood there with her hair wet dripping on her pretty shoulders and she was wearing glasses. She had a see-through shirt with a black bra and black short shorts. " Something you wanted Harry?" " Uhm… Yeah it was. The boys and I wondered if you wanted to go clubbing with us?" " I'm sorry, I cant. I need to come up with 17 songs in three months." " That is a long time." " Maybe for a singer, but not for a songwriter!" " Come on! We have to live while we're young!" " That was a great idea!!! Thanks Harry!!!" " Shit! C'mon c'mon! Join the club." " Sure, let me write down those two awesome song titles you just came up with!"





short chapter I'm sorry…  ;(

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