Miss. Cowell

Poor Jade, she grew up with no mother and a father always beeing busy with something stupid. When you grew up living with all the bands your father brought home so you could write them some awsome music. well you probably wonder who your father is right now dont you? Well beeing Simon Cowells daughter is not always roses. Writing music for the most irritating boyband in the world is hard dont you think??? <3<3


17. "Bitch"

Jade P.O.V.


I saw the boys and my father talk about something. I stood by  the ocean line on a balcony. " Hi, are you directioner? cause you are staring." A blonde girl with green eyes walked up to me. " Yeah well I have to… I'm dating Niall you see." " oh… I used to date him. I feel sorry for you." " why?" " Beacause he is gonna dump you brutally. Cause that is what he did to me!" " Well I'm not you and maybe he won't dump me." " Are you saying Niall dosen't like me?" " I don't know!" " BITCH!" She screamed and pushed me of the balcony.


Niall P.O.V.


" BITCH" I heard looking over at the balcony where she stood. She wasn't there. I heard someone scream and I jumped over the balcony. I reached her and pulled her up. I laid her on the pier. She opened her eyes. She kissed me. The boys and Simon came running down the stairs. Simon looked at us with an 'evil eye'. I'll let you two speak. I left the alone getting this lump in my stomach.


Jade P.O.V.


" You can't deny love" I said after twenty minutes of him yelling at me. " Yes I can. When I gave you a job I tell you what to do! And you will get hurt belive me. " " After all those years, you finally decided to care. And about something FUCKING stupid!" " You'll do what I say! Cause this is a job! Not a soap opera!" " fine if this is just a job… Then I quit, cause then you can't deny Niall and I." I said feeling cooler than it sounded. I ran right in to Liam. before I even got to start crying he wrapped his arms tight around me. I  looked at him. He kissed my cheek I sighed. He nudged my arm slightly. I walked over to Louis' and my room. ( yes, I share room with Louis cause he already has a girlfriend.)  Niall was in our room. " I'm taking a shower." 

I took the longest shower of my life. I came out of the bathroom and Noone was there. Great. I ordered a tea and I took my book and sat out on the porch.  I sat for a minute reading before Niall kissed my head. " I'm so mad at you!" I said pecking his lips.

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