My (Virtual) Boyfriend

Autumn Lavaro was online playing a game with people around the world when she met YORO54 (Yohan Ross) on Mega Sim-Fighter 2. Yohan and her were friends at once. They became Facebook friends and they IMed everyday. Then Yohan asked Autumn to go on a date. Everything was hard for them. See their adventures, happy and sad times, fun and boring times, and so much more!


2. Chapter 2- Autumn's POV

We defeated purple, but we lost hurryrunnow01, ltomhaha, and zaynmal1d. I was trying to figure out why hstyles1d, zaynmal1d, lpayne1, irishsnowflakenhoran, and ltomhaha was so familier when I remembered, they were part of one of the biggest boybands on earth One Direction! Well all that was left of Blue Team was irishsnowflakenhoran, YORO54, and I. Our alliance with Grady and Hunter was still on so the five of us worked together. We went to defeat pink which only had four people left. We easily killed all of them. We went and killed most of green and orange, sparing Hunter and Grady.

"Let's gettum!" I whispered to Rolo and irishsnowflakenhoran. Grady got irishsnowflakenhoran easily, but Rolo and I got them and won!

"So we can talk in the real world my IM is Autmlav3580. What's urs?" I said to Rolo.

"Mine is Yoharoro9513575. Ill IM u k?" Rolo responded.

"K" I typed back. I exited out of Mega Sim Fighter 2 and said to Grady and Hunter.

"Time to go swimming. You guys remember your swimming suits?" Grady nodded and Hunter shook her head. "I got a bikini you can wear!" I told her. I did wear bikinis and stuff, but I was still a tomboy. We put our swimming suits on and put some clothes on top of them. It was a couple days after school got out.

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