My (Virtual) Boyfriend

Autumn Lavaro was online playing a game with people around the world when she met YORO54 (Yohan Ross) on Mega Sim-Fighter 2. Yohan and her were friends at once. They became Facebook friends and they IMed everyday. Then Yohan asked Autumn to go on a date. Everything was hard for them. See their adventures, happy and sad times, fun and boring times, and so much more!


1. Chapter 1- Autumn's POV

I was playing my favorite RPG game- Mega Sim Fighter 2. Oh I forgot. My name is Autumn Lavaro. I had long brown hair and emerald green eyes. I was 16 and a tomboy.  I played videogames with my best friend, Grady, and best girl-friend, Hunter. Hunter and I were huge tomboys and everyone at our school believed that we were both dating Grady. Ok so back to the story. I was playing Mega Sim Fighter 2 with Hunter and Grady because they were at my house.


"Time to choose teams. I'm going to Blue Team. What about you guys?" I asked my best friends.


 "I'm going to Green Team!" Hunter announced.


 "Whatcha guys doing?" I heard my mom get home.


 "Playing videogames! We'll go swimming in a bit!" I called back (we lived right by a swimming pool.)


 "Ok!" She called to me.


 "I'm going to Orange Team!" Grady told us. I saw the people on my team.

Poodleluver59, YORO54, Haha69, hurryrunnow01, hstyles1d, lpayne1, ltomhaha, AutomaticL(me), zaynmal1d, irishsnowflakenhoran1d, and chipmunkpuppy63. My team had strange usernames.

"Hey guys!" I typed.

"Wazzup AutomaticL?" hstyles1d replied.

"I LUV POODLES!" Poodleluver59 typed to us.

"Hey I'm Zayn Malik!" zaynmal1d said.

"Call me Auto! I'm here with my friends Grademcguiresquire and Illhuntu524 they are on orange and green teams." I typed to my team. Grademcguiresquire was Grady and Illhuntu524 was Hunter.

"Call me pood!" Pooldeluver59 told us.

"Call me Rolo!" YORO54 told us.

"Rolo, do I know you?" I typed. I knew someone who said their username was YORO something.

"Do u no Yohan Ross?" Rolo said.

"No... Sorry have a friend YORO something..." I replied to him.

"It's fine!!!!" He typed back.

This team was so weird, but we were gonna have fun beating the other team's asses! There was a few teams. Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Grey, Red, Purple, and Rainbow were the teams.

3...2...1...BEGIN! the screen held up. I found Grady and Hunter and made a secret alliance with them. I was gonna kill them, but for now they were on my team. I had a Team Whisper and told them not to kill Grady and Hunter. They all replied 'ok.'

I whispered "Rainbow, Grey, Red, then Purple?"

"Sure" Rolo said.

That's how we went after them. We knocked out the rainbow team then went to the grey team. We lost Chipmunkpuppy63, Poodleluver59, hstyles1d, and lpayne1.  Then we went to get Red and lost Haha69. We were on a killing streak!

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