This is me. 13 yearold girl with depression and selfharm issues, take it or leave it. I love music, making people smile.


16. You look...

Everything's perfect till you experience something. Like if you're parents start fighting all the time you Suddenly notice that lots of people's parents are. I'm not making any sense but I have to carry on writing because I need to do this. So since I started hurting myself I look around and notice everyone's doing it. Just no one shows it. I think after you do something like this you become more aware, and look at people differently. Now when i talk to someone i look at their arms and their eyes for sadness. I must sound crazy...Just i wish everything was perfect again. Like when i was little. Before my dad cheated. Before my life became shit. When i could run around being my self with out a care in the world. Now look at me. A mess. A big fat ugly mess. I look like a boy, I cry in my sleep. I don't know what to do anymore. 

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