This is me. 13 yearold girl with depression and selfharm issues, take it or leave it. I love music, making people smile.


5. So....

So now there's this boy. This amazing perfect boy. He makes my smile when I'm about to cry and tells me everything will be okay. Yeah I'm thirteen but I'm in love with him. He means the world to me, I don't even think he know's how much he means to me. When i see him, everything's okay again. And the best part is that he told me he loves me. Actually he says it a lot. We're going out and he holds my hand everyday and calls me beautiful. If he wasn't here for me I honestly don't know what I'd do. I don't know who I'd talk to when I'm sad or lonely. He makes jokes that make me laugh, and before he came into my life I hadn't laughed properly for months. If you're reading this: I love you so much x

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