This is me. 13 yearold girl with depression and selfharm issues, take it or leave it. I love music, making people smile.


8. godddd....

'Do you believe in God?' Hah! Nope. Everyone asks me this, and when I say no they're like: What...why not? I'll tell you why not. What's 'God' ever done for me? Nothing. Nothing at all. He let my Granny die when I was 4, my Granny, my favorite person ever. And 'God' took her away from me. He made my parents split up when i was 10, and that made part of me die inside. He made everyone i love get hurt. There's so much about me that people don't know. Stuff that nobody knows. 'God' made me feel like no one was there for me and didn't answer my prayers when i needed him. 'God' let me feel so alone that everything i had seemed like nothing. So no. To be honest i don't. I'm not being offensive but i cant take the whole 'God is our everything' crap because he's not. I don't know why i'm writing this...but i needed to do something because i feel kinda stressed and writing is better than hurting myself. I don't care about me but i don't want to hurt those around me by doing it<3

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