This is me. 13 yearold girl with depression and selfharm issues, take it or leave it. I love music, making people smile.


3. Everything changes....

After that we went to a teacher. She sat with me and tried to get me to talk but i couldn't. My friend explained most of it for me. i'm not going to go too deep in to what happened there, I'll just tell you it was horrible, and later that day i was called out of science so the teacher could call my mother with me in the room. That was the worst part. I couldn't help feeling like I'd let her down. I was weak and should have been stronger. But my mum was amazing about it. She held me and took me out for coffee so we could talk. I hated hurting my mum. I love my mum more than anyone and I hated seeing her sad. But she said it was the hormones...i was so sick of people saying that to me...surely if someones hurt theirselfs they need help? Not to be told a load of bullshit. My friends tried to be there for me and i know i shouldn't have pushed them away. I've only just come to realise this now...I should have let them help me. I should have let them be there for me, let them try to make it better. But I snapped at them and told them they didn't understand. Because they didn't. They were just trying to help but they didn't know how it felt. They didn't know how it felt to cry yourself to sleep every night. 

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