Save you tonight

Imagine if you had just been kicked out and left in the rain and Harry Styles finds you and you're living the dream. You fall in love with Harry and make friends with the boys. Loads of twists in the story. Enjoy:)


2. Trouble

In the morning I woke up at 1pm wow I'd slept late. As I sat up the door opened a crack and Harry came running in like an excited puppy. Jumping onto my bed I laughed and he sat like a girl at a sleepover. His legs crossed,  facing me. "Finally" he said. "I've been waiting for a whole 10 minutes for you to wake up" "wow you must have been waiting a while then" I smiled and Harry crashed on top of me crushing me in a hug. It was painful but I loved it. Someone finally cared about me it was amazing.

We sat in bed for hours just chatting and giggling. When suddenly Louis burst in shouting "Harry there's someone at the door who's heard Bella is staying here" Harry looked worried. Harry told me to stay in my room and him and Louis would go and sort it. I sat nervously scrunching up the duvet in my hands and releasing it again, finally I decided to creep downstairs. I got down a few to steps and sat looking through the cracks in the banister. 

It was my brother. I started to panic. What if he hurts Harry I have to go down. It was too late he started shouting and grabbed Harry by the neck pushing him up against the wall. I ran down stumbling and falling down a few steps. I ran to my brother and kicked him away and he grabbed my arm. "This Is whee you've snuck off too you little slut" Nathan shouted. "I had no choice I had to run you're mad I can't stand you" I screamed. He punched me in the stomach and then quickly in one sharp movement grabbed a knife out of his pocket and held it to my throat. 

Instantly Harry reacted and kicked Nathan in the back of his leg making him fall backward and slice through the major artery in my leg. Before I knew it I heard Nathan run and the door slam. Harry screaming "wake up Bella,wake up now" and sirens. That's all I heard then I slipped into darkness. 

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