Save you tonight

Imagine if you had just been kicked out and left in the rain and Harry Styles finds you and you're living the dream. You fall in love with Harry and make friends with the boys. Loads of twists in the story. Enjoy:)


4. New beginnings

 I didn't realise but I had fallen asleep on Harry's chest and when I woke up he was just watching me and smiling. I'd never been happier. Just being with him meant the world to me. 

"I've got something to tell you" Harry sighed. "What is it" I said with a sense of concern coming across quite blatantly. He shuffled off the bed and kneeled down on the floor. My heart beating so fast I thought it might burst. Harry breathed deeply. "Bella, ever since I saw you I just knew you were perfect" I felt a tear roll down my face. "Move in with me" thank god! Finally. To be totally honest I thought he was going to propose. One step at a time I thought was best. "YES!" I screamed. He jumped onto the bed bringing me into a tight hug as we just sat in silence. That moment in time, we had nothing to say. He lifted my head up by putting his hand under my chin and bringing our faces to the same level. He kissed me again. 

That's when Louis came in again. "Sorry Harry am I interrupting" Louis said. "No it's fine" Harry said. "What's up Louis" I asked. "I'm just bored" he chuckled. We sat on the bed for hours just talking and laughing. He was my purpose. I knew it. 

That next week I had found a new job. I had to earn my keep. I walked even though Harry persisted in trying to give me a lift. A bunch of screaming girls ran up to me. "Your Harry's new girlfriend" one of them screeched. "Yes I am" I said confidently. One of them came right up to my face screaming at me. She told me to leave Harry alone. They continued to scream and taunt until I was pushed down to the floor and kicked over and over again. They saw someone coming and ran away. 

It was Zayn. I had been doing some research on the band, One Direction, that Harry and Louis had been telling me they were in. We had met once or twice before. He seemed lovely. He ran over and scooped me up. "Thankyou" I croaked. "What happened" Zayn asked. "They just came up to me for no reason telling me to stay away from Harry" I said. "Are you okay?" Zayn said. "Yeah I'm fine I'll live" I said.

After that Zayn drove me to work. I had a job in Starbucks and it was going quite well. I walked home and when I got there Harry was sitting at the table with a stern face. "What's up" I said. "I heard what happened today" Harry sighed. "What about it" I said seeming casual 

about the whole thing. "I know what happened, Zayn told me" he mumbled. Seeming ashamed. "It was nothing" I turned away to go upstairs and he jolted up pulling me back. "I know that's not what you really think" he said. I struggled out of his arms and stomped upstairs in a strop angrily. 

I burst into my room flopping onto the bead and sprawling my self out across it. Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I scrunched myself into a tight ball bringing the duvet in towards my stomach. Harry didn't come up. I don't even know why he'd be angry. I'm the one who got practically beaten because of him. Not saying I blame him but if he's in a strop with me that's not fair. 

Eventually I heard heavy foot steps getting closer. The noise stopped at my door and a shadow was visible from under the crack of the door. The figure composing themselves, heavily breathing. Finally gently pushing open the door. A tight curl appears from the side of the door. 'I'm sorry, I'm just worried about you' Harry sighed looking concerned.

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