Save you tonight

Imagine if you had just been kicked out and left in the rain and Harry Styles finds you and you're living the dream. You fall in love with Harry and make friends with the boys. Loads of twists in the story. Enjoy:)


3. Help

My eyes felt heavy as I blinked a few times. My surroundings coming into focus slowly. Lights shining directly into my eye so painfully. I heard Harry thank god he was alright. "Louis she's awake go get the doctors" Harry screamed. I tried to speak but a low croak was all that came out. I realised Harry had a grasp on my hand holding it tight. He picked it up and kissed it. 

"Hi" I whispered. "Who are you" I said jokily. A tear rolled down Harry's cheek and I lifted up my hand to wipe it away. "I'm fine" I said. "I was worried about you" Harry cried. "We'll I'm fine now,what happened to Nathan?" I said with concern in my voice. "He didn't hurt you did he" I said harshly. "I'm fine baby,lets just worry about you" Harry said. 

Louis re entered with the doctor. "How are you feeling Miss Moloney" he said. "I'm a bit sore" I said. "We all expected that" he said. A stern look on his face. "You should have crunches for up to two weeks then it should heal up nicely" the doctor said. Phew. I was going to be fine. Stupid Nathan why does he have to ruin everything. He can't let me leave even when I'm not happy there with him. Harry caught me staring at him and kissed me. 

After three days in hospital Harry took me home. I was calling it our home now. He carried me up to bed and we cuddled for a while. 

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