Angels Hell - Prologue- part one

Angel is confused and lost, she has been since the accident. If you can call it that. She's been running from her ex-boyfriend for a year and is beginning to relax when he shows no sign of showing up. Then Jacob turns up, as well as his six cousins, What do they want? But more importantly who is angel really running from?


1. Jacob

 A year ago: inferno

“Repeat what you just said to me. And if you said what I thought you said, your head will be on a stick!” I took a step back to avoid his grip then took a deep breath knowing that the next couple of minutes were going to decide my fate. For better or worse. Cautiously I looked up into the giants face, his jet black hair untamed and wild like its master.

“She. Escaped sir.” The man’s eyes blazed a dangerous colour, and the next thing I knew I was up against a wall, struggling to breath while trying to pry the steel grip off of my throat.

“What did you just say?” I had to gasp for a large breath before answering anything; I could hardly breathe let alone talk.

“She…she escape…escaped sir!” Suddenly I fell to the floor, thankful that I could yet again breathe, but I knew that I shouldn't celebrate just yet because she had escaped. If you were the messenger for any bad news then that was as good as saying ‘kill me!  I hate life’ this one? I was basically begging for death. “She was guarded constantly, she couldn't have gotten passed the guards, and I trained them myself”

“WELL SHE DID!” His eyes were hazardous, trying to piece together what I was telling him. One of his best men. It had taken me years to get this high in his ranks I wasn't about to lose it because of one stupid girl.  He had begun to pace the room, running his hands through his hair like he was waiting for something to happen, anything to happen, to put things right. But nothing did. I wish something had happened. “Find her.” It came out in a whisper. I could barely hear him, which didn't happen in this bottomless pit he liked to call a castle.

“How? She got to the platform! She could be anywhere in the world right now! Anywhere!”

“Well then you’d better start looking because if she doesn't turn up on my doorstep within…a year. You and your friends are going to be sorry you ever let her go!? He walked out of the room leaving me on my own. I knew what would happen if I didn't deliver. I’d be as good as dead. Ha. How ironic was that? “Oh and Jack? Make sure she comes back alive this time.”

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