He's The One

A girl named Natalia is going to England for a vacation because her Mom is always working and her Dad works at a recording studio so he's never home. She was going to invite her best friend Isabel to go with so she wouldn't be so lonely. When they got to England and settled down in the hotel Natalia's Dad called."hey..I know your in England to have some you time with your friend but I forgot to book a room for my clients. So can they stay with you?" I sighed quietly."Sure" I said stupidly. Then a couple of hours someone knocked on the door. Sure enough it was One Direction. The band the two girls hated the most. They looked at each other then at the boys." Well this vacation is already ruined" Isabel said as she put her hand on her hip. But the girls didn't know that this was the first step of how their future will go.


1. Asking To Come~

I was counting up my money that I had saved up for a couple years now and saw that I had enough to go on my dream vacation! I ran downstairs to tell my Mom that I was going to order a ticket. She wasn't home..I should've known, she's never home. She's always working. I went onto the computer and ordered my ticket. I thought of how much my parents work and actually bought my Mom a ticket to go with me. My Dad would never be able to take off  but my Mom would probably be able to. A couple days went by and the tickets finally arrived. I was so excited and almost bailed it on the way to the kitchen to show my Mom. "Natalia stop running in the house, you could fall and get hurt". "Mom LOOK!!!" I yelled as I showed her the tickets to England. She stared at me in disbelief. "You have enough to go?" "Yeah and this ticket is for you!" I was so excited to here what she had to say. "Sweetie I'm so sorry but the week your going I'm going on vacation with your aunt". She looked at me like it was ok and that I would get over it. A tear slipped down my cheek but I quickly wiped it. "Oh well..tha..that's ok" I stammered. "Good I knew you'd understand" she smiled and went to her room.  I walked to the living room and flopped onto the couch. I thought of who else I could take when my best friend, Isabel, popped into mind. "I should've thought about her sooner! She's going to be sooo excited..I hope she doesn't dis me like my Mom did!" To find out whether or not she could go, I texted her. From: Natalia:) Heyy I finally got enough money to go to England!!! I have another ticket and was wondering if you wanted to come??..From: Isabel;) OF COURSE Y WOULDN'T I???? When do we leave?!?!?!?. I was so relieved to here that  she could  come. From: Natalia:) next week..so start packing. Oh and I thought that maybe we could go shopping tomorrow? From: Isabel;) yeah totally!!. I walked upstairs and went into my room to read my book but I dozed off after a couple hours of reading and just stayed like that threw the night.

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