Long distance

Destiny and Zac falls in love with each other, but what shall they do when Zac is going to move away, when Destiny haven´t told how she feels about him?


1. Questions

Destiny´s POV.

I woke up and took a shower. I got dressed and did my make up. I walked down stairs, ate breakfast and drove to school. I met my friends in the front of the school and we talked while walking down the hall to our class. I got to my desk and looked around in the class room. The teacher arrived and she talked for a bit and said we were going to read some pages. I was all about to start reading when someone knocked on the door. It was a new boy. A cind of cute/Hot boy. He looked nice. The teacher told him to sit next to me and I didn´t have a problem with that. Who would have a problem with having a hot guy sitting next to you? Not me!

-"Hi! I´m Destiny!" I said, feeling like a desperat little girl.

-"Zac here." He said, not intrested.

-"Nice to meet you Zac!" I said "Sooo... Where are you from?" I added to hold on the conversation.

-"I just moved from Arizona..." He answerd. Wait a second... It couldn´t be. No.

-"Are you from Arizona or did you just live there for a couple of years?" I asked.

-"Why all theese questions?" He asked, not answering my question.

-"Just wondering... But you didn´t answer my question" I started to think that he where hiding something that happend in Arizona.

-"Okey. No, I´m not from Arizona. My family moved there a couple years ago." He answerd while he was looking down at his desk.

-"Where are you from or where, where you born?" I asked, I had to find out if it was him!

-"I am born in Denmark, but I lived in Norway before I got here." He answerd, looking straight into my eyes. 

-"I´m from Norway!" I said exited.

-"Oh cool, how did you end up her on North Carolina?" He asked a little intrested.

-"A guy I like and liked." I answerd.


Zac´s POV.

-"A guy I like and liked." She replyed. This was a little bit wierd.

-"Tell me more about it." I said, it was wierd. I had so many questions and she didn´t care. Where have I seen her before?

-"Well, it was about when I was 13 years old. I liked this guy and we had so much fun on a class trip, at a friends cabin." She stopped a bit. "He was going to move to Arizona and wanted to start here at North Carolina after high school. When he moved away I promised myself to start here to find him. I haven´t stopped thinking about him since he left." She finished.

-"Why did you do all this to try to find him?" I said, I wanted to know the answer!

-"I have never felt something like that to any person before. He is special to me..." She answerd... She actually liked me back then. Why didn´t I tell her how I felt? She would have told me how she felt and then we could have been together.

-"I have to tell you something Destiny." I said. 


Destiny´s POV.

-"I have to tell you something Destiny." He said. What was he about to tell me? I got curious.

-"I am..." He finished and I got shocked.

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