A Change...

Are you an Arianator? Then this book is for you! Join Ari in this fan fiction story!

I am just making up the plot as I go along!


5. The Journey

My feet padded along the ground with determination. I stopped at the corner shop- I was going to need something to do whilst I was on the train.


The I realised that I had to go on like, a MILLION trains before I got to London. 


I bought a few packets of haribo's, quite a few packets of crisps and some bubbles. Even the WORD bubbles makes me feel better so that was basically essential.


Remember when I said that I had a bit more than enough for the bus? Well, when I say 'a bit' I actually mean a couple of hundred pounds. Don't worry- I didn't steal it! It's from my acting, singing and also some of my life savings. 


Finally I arrived at the bus stop. I was there right on time! Just as I got round the corner, the bus to the train station had just got there.


"Ariana? Are you doing a concert?" questioned the bus driver. I forgot that I was a regular on the bus and that everybody knew me.


I just simply said yes.


"Well, Amanda's back there, you might wanna hide yourself a bit!" Amanda says she is my BIGGEST FAN but personally, I think she is just a stalker. Not to mention a boaster.


I walked casually to my seat and pulled over my hood from my hoodie. I normally sit at the seat at the front but today I sat slap bang in the middle on the outside.


Keeping my face covered reminded me of the day I got hit by a car. The person driving the car admitted that they did it on purpose so they are in prison now.


That was another reason why I was running away. I was hated.

Thankfully, nobody recognised me on the bus, but what about the train? The train ride would be a few hours at least. And if I fell asleep? My face would be visible to the world! I won't worry about it. I'm running away!

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