A Change...

Are you an Arianator? Then this book is for you! Join Ari in this fan fiction story!

I am just making up the plot as I go along!


1. The Car

I was on my way home from a photo shoot; I had to keep my face covered before somebody saw me and I was surrounded by paparazzi.


Having a social life is hard when you're famous. All you ever see are camera's and their flashes. Sometimes I think that it's a wonder Katy Perry or Beyonce aren't blind! I'm Ariana by the way. Ariana Grande.


You may have seen me in the TV show Victorious? Yeah, the red haired one. You know, I rather like my velvety red hair. It's just,well, DIFFERENT!


My high-heeled pink shoes were rubbing my feet and I really wanted to take them off but I also really wanted to get home to kick up my legs and have a rest from fame to be like a normal teenage girl I was busy hiding my face, when there was a car. The car. That car. All I heard was the screeching of brakes then... Silence. What had happened?

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