A Change...

Are you an Arianator? Then this book is for you! Join Ari in this fan fiction story!

I am just making up the plot as I go along!


4. Returning home

The next day, I was told to see if I was strong enough to get up. I thought that was a bit weird because I didn't have any injuries, apart from my head of course.


I was fine, so I was able to go home the next day. The day before, my mum and dad had visited. My mum wanted to take me home herself and stay off work to be with me but dad said that I wasn't an invalid so I could walk home.


That was okay. I had plans. Life changing plans.


Wednesday came and the nurses wished me a safe journey back home. I had the bus money and a bit extra. I missed the bus to my street on purpose; I was going to London.

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