A Change...

Are you an Arianator? Then this book is for you! Join Ari in this fan fiction story!

I am just making up the plot as I go along!


3. Recovery

The doctors crowded around me, trying to find out what was wrong. "It looks like she won't be going home soon then!" the nurse giggled but there was a nervous edge to her voice.


"I'm calling her mum! Whatever you amateur doctors have done to her has made her worse and... And... I'm also telling your boss!" Dad banged his fist on the desk, missing the tall nurse's hand by a fraction.


He stormed out, muttering some rude words that I cannot list. My head was pounding even though I was unconscious. My eyelids fluttered and I woke up. "Wh...Wh...what happened?" 


"Sweetie, you fell unconscious again. But don't worry, your father will be back soon," she patted my shoulder reassuringly.


"Dad!" then it all came back to me. He wasn't my dad. He was just an actor. I didn't have a father.


"Darling, are you feeling up to some tea? You look like you need some sugar in your system,"


Even though she was being kind, I resisted. 'Dad' would kill me if he found out I was having extra sugar. He says it makes me hyper.


"No, thank you,"


"Okay, if you need me, just use the intercom on your left," 


Well at least I could stay in the hospital for a bit longer!


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