A Change...

Are you an Arianator? Then this book is for you! Join Ari in this fan fiction story!

I am just making up the plot as I go along!


6. Oh no...

I woke up to the screeching sound of the train wheels against the track. This wasn't my bed! Then it came back to me. Of course it wasn't my bed! I was not at home!


'Hey!' hissed a mean sounding voice. I hadn't done anything bad, had I? That had happened before. I took some food from a stall on the street not realising that it costed. That wasn't my fault. A niece looking old lady told me that they were free. I felt so bad about taking that big creamy chocolate doughnut that I gave them double the price!


'What have I done?' the man, I realised, had a large scar on his filthy neck. He was dressed in a black suit which I think, made people a bit suspicious. Especially me. 


'Hush you idiot! Before I chop of your ugly red head!' I know, that was supposed to be offensive but I got that kind of hate all the time. Nobody was on the train by now so he grabbed by arm and squeezed it tight, not letting me go when I screamed desperately for help. 


I shouldn't have run away! I wasn't even anywhere near my home and I was being, as far as I was concerned, kidnapped by a foreign man. He took me into a white van and tied me to a rotting, wooden chair in the back of it. I screamed with all my might but nobody came. 


I watched the train station disappear and cried myself to sleep.

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