Don't Judge Me.

Daisie is a 16 year old girl. Her life is a mess and she hates it. She cuts herself and doesn't eat. Her mom doesn't notice her strange behaviour. School isn't a tiny bit better. The other students pick on her and beats her. A couple of boys one night decides to follow her and she ends up getting raped. She has no one to talk with. She has a fake smile on her face every single day. She has two "friends" that helps her to survive but one day everything gets to much for her to handle and she takes a lot of pills. Her life is a nightmare until she meats a boy who's life is just as messed up as hers. Will they stand up for each other? Or will the hate get too much for one of them?


2. What have I ever done?

~Daisie's POV~

I woke up to my stupid alarm clock and felt the warm sun on my face. I thought to myself that this day was going to be great but God I was wrong. I walked over to my closet and grabbed my 'Hipsta Please' sweatshirt and a pair of shorts. I brushed my hair and my teeth. I ran down the stairs and took my stripped backpack, a water bottle and my keys. I took my white TOMs on and walked out of the door. I looked down at my phone and saw that I had a new message from Amy telling me to have a great day and stay strong. I replayed with an 'I love you and I'll do my best' I really love her. She has helped me so much and so has Rich. I love them both. I put my phone back into my pocket and walked past the bakery. I stopped and I had a strange craving for a cookie. Luckily I'd bring some money with me. When I got out of the bakery I started to eat my cookie. It was amazing! I looked up from the path and someone smashed the cookie out of my hand. "Sweetie you'll get fat! I'm just doing you a favour! Your welcome." She said and walked away. She's one of the girls from school who keeps picking on me. I just stood there looking from here to my cookie and then back at her.


"Bitch" I mumbled. I didn't think she would hear it but apparently this was not my day.


"Excuse me?!" She said and came up in my face. She was "this" close to me and I could smell her coffee breath and her cheep perfume. I grimaced at the smell. I really don't like coffee and not to mention her perfume. 


"Oh nothing" I mumbled. I hate this girl with all I have. She's so fake and her older brother fights for her when the wrong people are annoying her. She was once going out with Matt the captain on the schools football team and I guess he found out that she was sleeping around and broke up with her but she didn't like it so she told her bigger brother to 'take care' of him. That poor lad ended up in the hospital for a month. I got snapped out of my thoughts when a hand collided with my face. I felt a burning pain shoot through me. I looked at her but she was already on her way somewhere else. Wow I just got bitch slapped! She really had some strength in that hand probably from all the se- wait I don't even want to think about that! Ew that's just nasty. When I reached school the rest of the day went normal. And with normal I mean: mean names and a few of them would hit me but nothing serious though. I just couldn't wait to get home.


A.N Hi guys so this is the second chapter and I'm really happy that you guys are reading this!<3 Lots of love.

Take care and stay strong!<3

~Cece<3 xx





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