Don't Judge Me.

Daisie is a 16 year old girl. Her life is a mess and she hates it. She cuts herself and doesn't eat. Her mom doesn't notice her strange behaviour. School isn't a tiny bit better. The other students pick on her and beats her. A couple of boys one night decides to follow her and she ends up getting raped. She has no one to talk with. She has a fake smile on her face every single day. She has two "friends" that helps her to survive but one day everything gets to much for her to handle and she takes a lot of pills. Her life is a nightmare until she meats a boy who's life is just as messed up as hers. Will they stand up for each other? Or will the hate get too much for one of them?


1. Dear diary.

Dear diary.

I've never done this before so I'll just tell you about me. My name is Daisie and I'm 16 years old. I live in London with my mom and her boyfriend. I seem calm on the outside but on the inside I'm screaming. I'm screaming at the top of my lungs. I'm screaming for someone to come and rescue me but on one will. My life is shit! Sorry for my language but it is. I hate every single second of me being alive. I hate it when people call me names and beats me. I truly hate it! I have no friends besides two that I've never met but that I text with every single day. It's a boy and a girl and they're boyfriend and girlfriend and they're so cute together. Her name is Amy and his is Richard. They help me to survive. I die a little bit every day and one day I'll be gone. I have a secret. I won't tell you yet because I can't get the words out of mouth. It's hard and I just can't. Well I've talked too much and I'm really tired. I might talk with you again tomorrow but until then I have to leave. Bye.

~Daisie xx.


A.N Hi guys I would love if you didn't hate on this because it's a true story so please nice comments and no negative please?<3 I love you for reading my story!<3 

Take care and stay strong!<3

~Cece<3 xx

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