Don't Judge Me.

Daisie is a 16 year old girl. Her life is a mess and she hates it. She cuts herself and doesn't eat. Her mom doesn't notice her strange behaviour. School isn't a tiny bit better. The other students pick on her and beats her. A couple of boys one night decides to follow her and she ends up getting raped. She has no one to talk with. She has a fake smile on her face every single day. She has two "friends" that helps her to survive but one day everything gets to much for her to handle and she takes a lot of pills. Her life is a nightmare until she meats a boy who's life is just as messed up as hers. Will they stand up for each other? Or will the hate get too much for one of them?


4. Can't handle this.

Dear diary.

I feel like crying. My life is so messed up. My mom has absolutely no idea how I feel. My hero and my whole world has left me broken and torn apart. This person is or was my dad. I miss him so much and today is Father's Day. It's so hard to live without him. Well if you haven't figured out what my big secret was then here it comes; I cut and I've done it for about six months. The worst thing is when it's really warm outside and I have to wear a long sleeved shirt or a hoodie. So please how bad things seems please don't start to cut! It'll ruin your life even more. I know it's hard and that you just want to die but there's so many things to live for! Wouldn't it be sad to never get married or to have kids? What if you didn't wake up one morning and you've used your life on being depressed every single day. I truly know how you feel. What do you do when there's literally nothing left but yet everyone begs you to stay? You don't want to hurt anyone but you just want to be happy? It's just not fair.. Do you know when all your anger suddenly turns into tears? I feel like that every single day. Do you ever have that feeling of feeling unwanted and useless? Of course you have.  Just remember one thing! No matter how bad things may seem remember that it WILL get better.

~Daisie xx. 


A.N Hi guys! Thank you so much for the nice comments and everything!<3 I love you!<3 And remember I care about you! 

Take care and stay strong!<3 

~Cece<3 xx


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