kiddnapped by my true love

Its about this girl her brothers and sisters and boyfriend she was good but then came a gang who teaches her bad things in order to stay alive shes not that innocent little girl im now that girl in a gang that kills people.



NAYELI'S POINT OF VIEW: I went upstairs to say sorry to harry i told him i was frustrated i didnt know what to do he hugged me i said im sorry harry said ok he said i mite wanna go to sleep cuz they had a plan to get money from someone.he went  downstairs and said to liam 'did you have a good time with nayeli last night getting in her pants?'harry said smiling and giggling liam said 'we didnt do anything last night!!'he said shyly 'sure you didnt'harry said affter tht i drifted off to sleep 20MINUTES LATER

liam woke me up and handed me a gun!?!?i was thinking i was a good girl now my innocent little girl self is gone im a new person now!i put the gun in my pocket zayn said 'you will be liams girl-' 'HOLD THE FUCK UP I GOT A BOYFRIEND!!!!'harry and louis said 'nayeli dont act like you dont like it! they said with a smile on there face i say'shut up' zayn didnt car tht i had a boyfriend (but i do have to say i do like it!) we drove off i was sitting on louis lap liam said to him'dont get any ideas Tomlinson!i started gigling i feel asleep it felt like FUCKING FOREVER IN THE CAR!Louis woke me up  telling me to get up i was holding liams hand as i stared walking out the car!i see 3 shadows it was GAVIN HECTOR AND SINCER!I let go of liams hand and run to gavin to give him a hug he asks me 'did they hurt me!?' i said no im fine and ranoff to hug the rest of the boys.liam was tuging my hand i hear a car someone gets out i see a shadow he runs to me it was carlos.(yay-.-).he kissed me i pulled back for some reson he pushed me behind him then i hear a gun shot!i scream my lungs out!i run to gavins car i turn back around i see gavin i hugged him and told him to stay i knew what he was thinking(your a fragile little flower) well not anymore! i said to him'im not tht good girl anymore!i run to hector and tell him to stay here i see sincer limping i grab my belt and tell carlos to take his shirt off he did i tie the belt on sincer's knee with carlos shirt.i tell them to get in the car right when i was getting in the car someone pulls me out its ZAYN i kicked him i told the boys to leave and ill be ok!I run i see HARRY!HE WAS POINTING A GUN AT ME!I get into the car i sit louis lap i said 'WHO SHOT HIM'i said well crying.every one turns to look at liam i start to kick and scream!zayn said'CALM THE FUCK DOWN'i yelled back 'NO!!!!' HE POINTED A GUN AT ME I SAID'GO AHEAD ZAYN DO IT!!!!' all the boys were screaming'STOP ZAYN!!!!!'He threw the gun i stared on louis chest he ran his fingers through my hair saying 'Shhhhh it will be ok'liam tryes touching my arm i pull my hand away in anger!liam out of no were starts crying i know he fells bad but thts not gonna help sincer!zayn said 'why do care about your fake stupid little family thing?'he SAID TO ME WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE!I CANT BELIVE HE SAID THT IN MY FACE!louis siad you took it to far!niall said the same thing.i said'WHY DID PERRIE CHEAT ON YOU WITH A NERD LET ME THINK BECUZ HE IS BEETER LOOKING THAN YOU!THE CAR RIDE WAS SILENT!when we got home i ran upstairs and shot the windo niall louis and harry come runing upstairs louis took the gun away from me i cryed on louis chest niall looked at my legs and hands i look at them they were bleeding and had glass in them


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