kiddnapped by my true love

Its about this girl her brothers and sisters and boyfriend she was good but then came a gang who teaches her bad things in order to stay alive shes not that innocent little girl im now that girl in a gang that kills people.


3. New home

NAYELI'S POINT OF VIEW: Zayn said "Welcome to your new home!"I said "new home my ass!" i mumble under my breath liam takes one hand out i take his hand.I walk out the car zayn opeans the door i walked in i ran upstairs to a room shut the door and locked it.Liam ran upstairs knocked on the door i didnt answer.I started crying liam hade keys and opean the door.He came in and sat next to me on the bed he tryed to hug me i  pushed him away.He said "im sorry for hurting gavin" i said he wasnt gonnna hurt anyone i just wanna go home i said.I layed next to him in the bed tired and confused.i woke up the next morning next to him i got out the room closing the door silently the boys were sleeping(or were they?)i walked tords the door FREEDOM SWEET FREDOM i was thiking but i could not just leave liam like that i have feelings for the kid i thought to my self right as i was thinking that HARRY SLAMS ME TO THE WALL i say"WTF HARRY WHATS WRONG WITH YOU"right as i say that he said "bitch were do you think your going" i said "no were i cant leave liam like that cause I GOT A HEART UNLIKE YOU" i yell out i run upstairs and slam the door and lock it!liam wakes up i kiss liam but he dosent pull back harry slams the door opeans the door i say HARRY LEAVE ME ALONE I DONT WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU! I push him and run outside and sit on the stair case liam comes running out door i said you think i was going to leave you just like harry i say in a sad vioce i wont do that liam  i said he said i know you wont im sorry for doubting you nayeli he said

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