kiddnapped by my true love

Its about this girl her brothers and sisters and boyfriend she was good but then came a gang who teaches her bad things in order to stay alive shes not that innocent little girl im now that girl in a gang that kills people.


4. Gavin Hector and Carlos

GAVIN'S POINT OF VIEW:    I woke up on the street a couple of feet away way carlos i helped him up even thow i dont like him i called hector to tell him that nayeli's been kidnapped!

HECTORS'S POINT OF VIEW:I got a call from gavin at 8:45 in the morning i said to my self wtf does gavin want?i heard the news nayeli's been kidnapped i was in shock i called sincer and destin we didnt know what to do plus we owe a gang some money!we didnt know were she is and carlos is involed i dont want anything to do with him1

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