kiddnapped by my true love

Its about this girl her brothers and sisters and boyfriend she was good but then came a gang who teaches her bad things in order to stay alive shes not that innocent little girl im now that girl in a gang that kills people.


8. FIrst Day Of School

NAYELI'S POV:       I woke up with bandages on my hand a legs


we were at school i ran inside to only see hector and gavin i started crying i asked them 'were is sincer?' they said'at home.'i sighed in relief i hugged them and gave them harlmless kiss on the forehead i see carlos i ran and give him a kiss on th he hugs me and  gives me a teddy bear and flowers i kiss him again louis calls me over i come runing he said 'i got a call from zayn and he said you cant talk to your brothers sisters and boyfriend' i talked to hector and gavin one more time and tell them 'i cant talk to them.they walk over to niall louis and harry.gavin said 'hurt her and see what happens!'louis being the sassy one said'OR ELSE WHAT?!gavin turns around and about to punch him i grab his fist and say'NO DONT THINK ABOUT GAVIN!'They say'were is the old nayeli!?'i look at the floor frowning 's-shes gone and i said tht to keep you safe i dont want you getting hurt like since.'and walked away


I got home i went upstairs layed down on my bed thinking about carlos and liam who am i gonna be with!?

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