Make It Or Break It

What happens when two bffs, have a face-off in a competition that can make or break their lives....... on top of this there is one direction there too!!! Tears are shed, love is spread & then theres hates to!!!!!! Read on to watch the drama unfold!!!


1. Dream come true

Kenia P.O.V

"I love u" Those were my last words to Jordan before boarding the plane to London. London I thiught excitedly while sitting besides my best friend, Rayna. Well, I know you must be wondering how we became best friends  & why are we going to London? !,!?!?! Well we were actually enemies when we first started out at ballet. It was when we were grouped together for a stretching session. It was then that we both started to open up!! We were actually quiet similiar.  With that we became friends. It was on our ballet class picnic one day when I saved her from trouble!!!  We're best friends since then!!! Im quiet sure that by now ya'll know that we both are into ballet and absolutely love it!!! So here we are on our way to London for a prestigious ballet competition, ehich will either make or break our lives.  

"Hey, do u thinkwe'll be able to meet one direction" Raynas optimistic voice woke me from my thoughts. Oh, I guess I forget to mention theat shes a big directioner.  One of the bihgest I've ever met!! I like one direction as well but not as much as her!! "You can just hope" I just told her casually. 

Rest of the plane ride we just gossiped ranging from celebrities and boybands to the competition!!!!!! 


Raynas P.O.V



We finally reached London.  Being in this competition had been my dream since I first started ou with Keni ar the age of 3, im 15 now. There was nervous excitment rushing all through my nerves!!! This was my first ever international competition! !!! Exciting, I know. 




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