Don't Hurt Me *COMPLETED*

Kaya is a girl who has lost her trust for people. She can't trust people just her best friend Niall. He doesn't know what her father does to her. She's afraid of everyone, but that's normal after all her 'father' did to her. Will she ever trust peoples other than Niall?


33. Second time


*Phone conversation*

Niall: "Kaya! Don't hung up. I want to know what he says" she sighed.

Kaya: "Key, but don't talk"

It was quiet for a while before I heard someone talk. “Who were you talking to?” it was her dad. He didn’t sound very happy. “No one” Kaya said, she quickly changed and said that she sang. Her dad must be mad, because she sounded scared. I heard her move in the bed and then get up I think. “Looks like you’ve hurt your leg” Her dad said and I knew he had his stupid smirk placed on his lips. It was him, who had hurt her leg. She didn’t tell me about that. Suddenly her dad yelled at her. “Don’t give me that look!” If he hurts her, I’m going to kill him. Kaya screamed in pain. Shit!! He hurt her. I have to go and get her, NOW. I ran to the car and drove off.


--Skip the car drive –

I hopped out of the car and ran towards the door. Before I opened the door I heard Kaya scream, like death scream. I opened the door and ran up to her room. Her dad stood there laughing. He had a knife in his hand and then I saw Kaya. She was lying on the bed, blood from her stomach. He stabbed her!

Her dad didn’t know that I was her, I ran over to Kaya. “Kaya, please. Can you hear me?” I cried. I shook her, but she didn’t answer. “Look what you’ve done!!! It’s your dather!!” I yelled at her dad. “She deserved it” he said. He walked out of the room. “She doesn’t. You do!!” I pulled out my phone and dialled the ambulance.

They told me to press on her wound while they were on their way. While I sat there waiting I saw a bandage on her leg. That’s were her dad had hurt her. Some minutes later some doctor came in the door and told me to move. I kissed Kaya’s forehead and let go of her wound. The doctors carried her on a stretcher and wheeled her in the ambulance. I followed them but then they stopped me. “I’m sorry, but you can’t come” the tall man said. “I have to be with her!” I almost yelled. “I’m sorry, but we have to do some important things and we can’t have you in here” he said and then closed the doors and drove away. I ran to my car and drove to the hospital. Ten minutes later I was at the hospital.

“I’m here for Kaya Lee” I said to the woman behind the desk. Tears were streaming down my face. “She’s in room 364, but you can’t go in the room now. You’ve to wait.” She said.

I nodded and ran down the hallways.

362 on the left...

363 on the right....

... and 364 on the left.

I sat down in a chair and waited. For the seconfd time I'm in the hospital crying over Kaya. After about 1 hour the doctor came out of her room and I jumped up from the green chair. Seriously, green. And the table beside the chair was orange.

“You’re here for Kaya Lee right?” he asked interrupting me from my thoughts.

I nodded. “Is she alright?”

“Yes, she’s asleep now. Maybe tired after the operation in her stomach and leg”

“What happened to her leg?” I asked him.

“She had been shot in her right leg. It was really bad because the two bullets had been inside her leg very long.” I nodded. He shot her. That’s horrible, how could he do that.

“You can see her now, she’s alright.” The doctor smiled and walked away.

I opened the door slowly and saw Kaya lying on the bed sleeping. She looked so peaceful, like nothing was hurting her. I walked up to her and took a hold of her hand. I kissed her forehead, and then her eyes slowly opened. I smiled to her and she smiled back. She was really tired, like she had took drugs or something.

“Hii” she said slowly. I sat down in the chair beside her bed. She had her eyes close.

“Hey love. How are you feeling?” I asked her, still holding her hand.

“I feel weak. Like I can’t move, but it’s a good feeling. I’m not in pain” She said slowly again and smiled softly. I smiled at her.

“Can you squeeze my hand?” I asked her. She smiled and tried to squeeze my hand but failed. She laughed and shook her head. I laughed with her. She has an adorable laugh. I smiled at her. “I was so worried. I thought...” I said to her. She cut me off. “I’m here now right? I’m fine” she smiled. I nodded and kissed her lips, her soft lips.

We were interrupted by a young girl coming in the door. She had short blond hair, blue eyes and not so much make up. I think she was the nurse. She smiled at us and walked over to Kaya.

“Hey, I’m Carolyn. You’re nurse” she smiled “How are you feeling?” she asked her softly.

Kaya smiled. “Tired, weak, like I don’t have any energy but really well. I’m not hurting” I smiled at her.”Okay that’s good. You’re tired because of the medicine we gave you under the operation.” Carolyn said. Kaya nodded and looked at me.

“This is Niall, my boyfriend” Kaya said and then looked at Carolyn. I smiled and we shock hands. “Nice to meet you” she said. “You too” I said. She smiled and looked at Kaya again. “Do you need anything?” Carolyn asked her. “Some water please” Kaya said and closed her eyes. Carolyn nodded and walked out of the room.

Some minutes later she came back with some water. “Here” she handed the water to Kaya. “Thank you” Carolyn smiled and walked towards the door. “Carolyn, when can Kaya leave?” I asked.

“Possibly tomorrow if everything is okay with her” she smiled and walked out the door.






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