Don't Hurt Me *COMPLETED*

Kaya is a girl who has lost her trust for people. She can't trust people just her best friend Niall. He doesn't know what her father does to her. She's afraid of everyone, but that's normal after all her 'father' did to her. Will she ever trust peoples other than Niall?


19. Ops...

I grabbed some comfy sweatpants and a t-shirt. The t-shirt was white and had written 'Just Livin' My Life' in black on it. I turned around and saw Niall still starring at me. "Come cuddle princess!" he almost whined. I ran up to him and hugged him tight. "Can you please take the handcuffs off of me love?" he asked. I looked at him and smiled. "Of course" I said and got up. I walked to the bathroom, I walked up to the sink, where I laid the key down. I couldn't see it. I seached for it in almost ten minutes but couldn't find it. I turned the water in the sink on to wash my face before I go and tell Niall. Shit. When I turned the water on I hears something in the sink.Oh no. The key was down in the sink. In the tube. I took a deap breath before I walked out to the bedroom again.


Niall's head shut up when I came in the room. I sat down beside him and he smiled at me. "What's wrong babe?" he asked worried. I smiled a little then it faded away. "Can you promise me one thing?" I asked him. He nodded. "Don't be mad?" he looked at me confused. "What do you mean, mad?" I looked him in the eyes. "I've lost the key Niall." I said and stood up. "What?! You're kidding right, huh?" he said and started laughing. I smiled and shook my head 'no'. He started laughing, like very loud. "Is it really that funny?" I asked and started laughing at his reaction. He nodded and continued laughing. After some minutes of laughter it got silence. "Ehm... have do we get you out of this?" I asked looking on the handcuffs trying to figured something out. "Go get a pair of pliers downstairs." he smiled. I nodded and went down.


Louis was still asleep on the couch and I went up to him. 1...2..... 3. I jumped on him. "Wake up Louis!" I yelled. He growned and opened his eyes. I got of him. "Hey, what's up sweetie?" he said and sat up. "Can you help me find a pair of pliers?" I asked him. "Why do you need that?" he asked rubbing his eyes. "Ehm... Niall is kinda stuck." I laughed. He laughed too. Louis got up and walked to the kitchen. He pulled out a pair of pliers and gave it to me. "Thank you Louis" I smiled. He just smiled back. I ran up the stairs with Louis following me. I walked into the room and sat down on the be. "Here, I'll get you out of this" I said "Ehm Kaya.. why did you put handcuffs on Niall?" he asked and raised his eyebrows. Oh God. "It's not what you think Louis" I said and rolled my eyes. "Okay fine, so you two didn't have any funny busniess?" he asked laughing. Niall laughed to. I shook my head and laughed. "What happened then?" he continued. "It's complincated." I said. "Oh okay." Louis smirked and got out of the room. I rolled my eyes again and continued to get the handcuffs of Niall. Finally got them off.. "There ya go babe." I said and took his wrists. His wrists was a little red. "Oh , does it hurt? I asked worried. "No." he said and sat up. "I'm sorry babe." I said kissing his wrists. "It's much better now love" he said and smiled. I leaned in and kissed him. We kissed long and it was perfect. He held me close to him. When we pulled back we looked in each others eyes. "I've missed holding you love." he said and kissed my cheek. Ismiled and got up. "Come let's get some food, I'm starving." he laughed and got up.


{{{ Heey! I really wawnt to know what you guys think about my story. Please tell me. Much Love! xx }}}

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