Don't Hurt Me *COMPLETED*

Kaya is a girl who has lost her trust for people. She can't trust people just her best friend Niall. He doesn't know what her father does to her. She's afraid of everyone, but that's normal after all her 'father' did to her. Will she ever trust peoples other than Niall?


31. I won't go back!


I stepped a few step backwards. “You’re coming with me Kaya!!” He said. He seemed very angry. I turned around and start to run. I heard him run after me.

“Kaya!! Come here NOW!!”

“If you’re not stopping, I’ll shoot you!” he yelled after me. Shoot me? Seriously, he wouldn’t do that. I kept running until I felt my leg hurt. I screamed in pain and fell down to the ground. I looked at my leg, he had shot me. Two times in my right leg!

“I told you bitch” he yelled

I tried to get up but my leg was too weak. I held my hand over the wounds. I cried out in pain. He was now by my side and lifted up my chin and looked me in the eyes. I turned my head but I grabbed my face and pulled my face back. “You shouldn’t have run away from me darling. I’m your father and it’s my job to protect you” he said calmly in my face, sick bastard.  “You shot me in the leg. And you’re NOT my dad! You’ve never protected me! I won'r not go back woth you” I yelled and cried more because of the wounds. He slapped me in the face and pulled me up. I screamed in pain. My foot was hurting. “I’m your dad!! Do you hear me?” he tightened his grip on my hand. I didn’t answer him. I tugged his nails in my arm. “Do you hear me?!” he yelled while tightening his grip. I winced in pain and nodded. I dragged me towards a black car. “NO, I don’t want to go back with you!!” I screamed. I screamed for two reasons. I didn’t want back to him and my foot was hurting like HELL while he dragged me. I cried and cried. He threw me in the trunk and locked it.

“HELP!! Please someone help me!!” I screamed, hit and punched the walls.


I had calmed down a bit, then I suddenly remembered my phone. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and dialled Niall’s number.

*Phone conversation*

Niall: “Hello? Kaya? Where are you?”

Kaya: “Niall. My dad found me. I’m in the trunk now. N-Niall...I don’t know what t-to d-do” I cried silently.

Niall: “Kaya, I’ll get you okay? Where were you when he took you?”

I cried more, my leg was hurting really bad now.

Niall: “Kaya? Are you there?”

Kaya: “Yeah I’m here. Ehm.... I was...”

           “Ehm.. not far away from the mall. He pulled me in a black BMW”

Niall: “Okay, do you know where you’re going?”

Kaya: “No, but maybe back to my house. I don’t know”

The car swung and took an abrupt turn. I hit my foot on something sharp. I screamed in pain.

Niall: “Kaya!!! Are you okay?!” he yelled in the phone.

I could barely talk, it was hurting so much.

Niall: “KAYA?!”

Kaya: “hmm?” I tried to say something but it was difficult.

Niall: “Are you okay, are you hurt love?”

Kaya: “Ehm, I’m just scared and I hit something in here” I cried more and more. My leg was killing me. I couldn’t tell him that he shot me. He would just get more worried.

Niall: “Okay, I’ll find you. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe.”

The car stopped and I heard footsteps outside.

Kaya: “I can’t talk Niall, he has stopped the car. Love you. Bye” I hung up and putted my phone in my bra. He wouldn’t find it there.


--- So guys what do ya think? Do you like it?

I hope so and I hope you'll read this story too

'Taken, Yet Gone' 


     It's really good.

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