Don't Hurt Me *COMPLETED*

Kaya is a girl who has lost her trust for people. She can't trust people just her best friend Niall. He doesn't know what her father does to her. She's afraid of everyone, but that's normal after all her 'father' did to her. Will she ever trust peoples other than Niall?


21. Cuddle Bear

We sat there in silence then a tear ran down my cheek. "Kaya? What did they do?" Niall asked and wiped my tear away. "When I got kidnapped of that boys. They..." I stopped and took a deap breath. "They... They raped me Niall!"  I said and started to cry. Niall pulled me I to his chest and hugged me. "I'm so sorry love." Niall said kissing the too of my head. "Why should you be sorry? It wasn't your fault." I said looking up at him. He wiped my tears away. "I should've protected to better." I shook my head. "No Niall. Don't blame yourself." I cuddled up to him. "Do you want to watch a movie?" Niall asked. I jumped up. "Of course!! Movie night." I yelled and pulled Niall up if the couch. I dragged him into his room and laid down on his bed. Niall laughed. "Wish movie love?" I opened my eyes and saw him looking for a movie on the shelves. I got up and wrapped my arms around him. I hugged him tight. "You can pick one Niall." I said kissing his cheek. He smiled and got a movie.


I laid down in the bed again and Niall joined me. He wrapped his arms around me and we cuddled. "Which movie did you choose Niall?" I asked kissing his collarbone from where I was laying. "The Grudge" Niall said and smirked. "Niall, seriosly!! NO!!" i yelled at him. He laughed. I got up quickly but before I could walk away, Niall pulled me down again. I landed with my head in Niall's stomach. "I'll protect you darlin'" he said leaning down, kissing my forehead. "Niall I'll me er sleep again." I said. He chuckled. I sat up and hugged Niall very very tight. "I'll do this for you Nialler, only because of you!" I said. He kissed my head and the movie started.


After the movie I was so scared. No, terrified. I couldn't move. "Babe you're okay?" Niall asked and sat in front if me. I shook my head. "I'm going to die Niall. I'm so fuckin' scared!!" I al sot yelled the last sentence. Niall. Smiled a pt me. "It's not funny Niall! I'm scared." I said and a tear escaped my eye. Niall got up to me and hugged me. He was now on top of me and was still hugging me. I wrapped my arms around him too. Niall had his head buried down in my neck. He kissed my neck and made me feel safe. He laid down beside me. I turned around so that I was facing him, I looked into his ocean blue eyes and smiled. He wiped my yeard away and kissed my nose. "I'm tired Niall. Should we get so e sleep?" I asked him. "Sure love." Niall said getting up. I took his hand and stopped him. "Where are you going?" I asked him. "I'll just change love." He said I let him go. "Please don't go out if this room." I said, he smiled and nodded. I took of his shirt and pants. Now he stood there just in his black 'Calvin Klein' boxers. He climbed back to bed and under the covers. "Shouldn't you change too?" He asked and kissed my lips. I nodded and got up. I turned my back to him. "Can I borrow a t-shirt Niall?" "Yes of course, take what you want." I pulled out a blue big t-shirt, written 'Free hugs'. I I pulled day shirt of and my pants of. I clipped my bra of and pulled Niall's t-shirt over my head. It reached to the middle of my thigh. I tuned around and saw Niall staring at me. He smirked and put his hand out pulling me Ito a hug. "Babe, I can hug you all day." He said while still hugging me. I laid down beside him and he wrapped his arms around me and I had my head in his chest. I held my arms around his stomach. "Why did you have to turn around when you changed babe?" He asked and laughed. "Haha, cutie!" I said kissing his nose. "I'm not cutie, I'm hottie!" He whined. I laughed. "I should call you hottie then" he said and hugged me thighter. "Very funny!" I said and kissed his bare chest. 


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